Daughter of the Regiment and onomatopoeia

Rataplan means rataplan in comic opera.

Chorus rehearsal started last week for San Diego Opera's production of Daughter of the Regiment. Even with all the Christmas music, there is one tune I cannot get out of my head.

It goes like this, "Rataplan, rataplan, rataplan. Rataplan, plan, plan, plan, plan".

In French that means rataplan.

The text is onomatopoetic of the sound of a drum. As you might guess, the Regiment is men's chorus and this is one of their big numbers.

The music is not spiritual, reverent, or contemplative in anyway. This is a comedy so the music is fun, catchy, and perhaps a bit sarcastic at times.

With the sarcasm I'm thinking of the end of some of the choruses which seem to repeat themselves just a little too much. Whenever you think it must be done, it goes just a bit longer.

This clip is not indicative of the San Diego production but it was the best one I could find.

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