Slap My Glitch Up: Wyatt Purp and Wala

“In 2010, my first year at Burning Man, I danced myself to the medic's tent,” says Ninja Bunniez Entertainment promoter Hopper, who partially credits sporadic alcohol consumption for her crippling dehydration after seven days in the Black Rock desert.

“Pinch my skin and there was just nothing in there. My heart was beating hard and irregularly because of the severe dehydration and it hurt really bad. It could have been worse had I not been picked up by the medics when I was. I was in and out of consciousness and was losing strength and cramping. They gave me four bags of IV and I barely came to. I was in the medical tent for a whole day and refused to go home. I could barely walk, but I saw the Man burn.”

The following year, a sober Hopper stayed at the Anonymous Village camp along with Ninja Bunniez partner John Boyd, who has been dry for the past two-and-a-half years.

“Besides the sober camps, there’s no other place for people to go to feel comfortable getting help,” Hopper says. “It was strange. I didn’t think anyone would show up. People just show up out of the blue and say, I’m done.”

Now, anticipating her third year at the festival, Hopper is bringing Burning Man to San Diego with Ninja Bunniez’ monthly Glitch Slap night at the Kava Lounge, which has a number of options for booze-free bunniez including herbal tea, organic juices, ginger shots, kombucha, and of course, the chillaxtastical kava root tea.

“The idea is to bring people I meet at the Burn and surround them with local friends,” says Hopper, who warmed the loving backhand of her first Slap in November with San Francisco glitch producer Wala (Amy Buggy).

Glitch Slap has since brought LA bouncy bass producers Sugarpill & jOBOT, Headtron luminaries Jupit3r & ChrisB, and a back-to-back set from RichardSweat and EyeQ.

On Friday, April 20, the Bunniez wind up their fourth strike (they’re doing this because they love you) with Arizona bass outlaws">Wyatt Purp and">Wala.

Locals">Misk (">Elk Beats) and">urBn:LgNd will be on hand to help slap your glitch up.

Glitch Slap

Friday, April 20

$8 before 10, $10 after.">Kava Lounge - 2812 Kettner Boulevard - Little Italy">" alt="None">

by Chad Deal


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