Sisyphus or Not

If you have any interest, at all, in living a fulfilling life, go to Mahler's Ninth Symphony this weekend at The San Diego Symphony.

If you want to continue pushing your rock up the same mountain every day in the manner of Sisyphus, then make up excuses as to why you can't go.

The end.



If Leonard Bernstein could come back from the dead to conduct the Ninth this weekend, then there would be good reason to go. But the leaden Liszt of last weekend did not engender hope that the Mahler would succeed. It's true that Ling can, on occasion (the Sixth almost lifted off) reach for the transcendence this music requires, but the grasp usually comes up short. The Ninth demands resources that this orchestra simply does not possess yet (although if every player could match Benjamin Jaber, there would be excitement in abundance.) At this point, the returns don't justify the cost of the investment.

They posted %50 off for Friday and Sunday on their Twitter feed. Balcony costs less than a movie.

I don't think the Berlin Philharmonic could have made the Liszt sparkle. Liszt's orchestral music always falls short for me. Any chance to hear Mahler's 9th live is worth $10 or so.

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