Jarabedepalo: Back for More at 4th&B

For the second time in four months, the band previously known as Jarabe De Palo showered their faithful SoCal/TJ followers with Spain-pop love on Sunday night.

Opener "Yep" was played by an exhausted band who managed to make an energetic song sound bleary. Things picked up a bit with an affectionate delivery of crowd-pleaser "Depende," which merged seamlessly into "Breve Historia de un Músico Persona"; it was then that singer Pau Donés justified their drained end-of-tour energy when he sang "Algunos esperan que suceda el milagro/ Los panes y los peces fue cosa de Otro" ("People expect a miracle to happen on stage/ Miracles belong to the Man of the loaves and fishes").

What followed was most of Grammy-nominated album ¿Y Ahora Que Hacemos? When encore "Grita" was played, bass player Carmen Niño and guitarist Ricki Frouchtman exchanged their instruments, as though the burden of playing their own for this song, again, was too much to handle. The previous July concert ended with the group doing a rehearsed robot dance while sporting chintzy sun glasses; four months later, the closing routine involved a brief unceremonious bow, which hinted at no more extended tours in the future.

Concert: Jarabedepalo

Date: November 6

Venue: 4th&B

Seats: General


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