Sonic Stream - Moonshake, WITT, Pilots, Mystery Cave, Sponge

Here’s some local music you should probably know about.

New Reader contributor Bobby Bray gave you the">low down on the Moonshake “Future Disco, Spacey House, and Techy Groove” party at">Kadan in this week’s Blurt column. The biweekly dance night is curated by resident DJ’s Dr. Indulgent (aka Lee Reynolds), Mark E. Quark, and Bob Dazzla, and sounds a lot like">this. Keep an eye out for more music and feature stories from Bray in upcoming issues.

To help the Che Café raise the $12,000 necessary to renew their insurance policy, San Diego-gone-Big Apple musician Jesse Kranzler organized a">three day music festival featuring acts including No Age, HEALTH, XBXRX, Crystal Antlers,">Innerds,">Upsilon Acrux, Devfits, Monsterpussy, Kenseth & Brandon, and California Bleeding. The show will also see the reunion of Kranzler’s virtuoso math rock trio WITT. Listen to WITT’s There’s Blood EP">here. You won’t regret it.">Witt 1 by">Tony Gidlund

Finding a place in that psychedelic reverb dreamspace where Pink Floyd, Dungen, and Radiohead meet, Pilots are making a name for themselves among the local indie rock crowd. For fans of">A Scribe Amidst the Lions, Earthless, and Schitzophonics. Stream and download Pilots’ debut EP">here, and don’t bogart that joint, brah.

Mystery Cave makes ambient, stumbling">beats what for spacing out to. Chill, expansive jams. Soundcloud">here.">Mystery Cave at Kava's 7 Year Party by">Chad Deal

Sponge pulls from genres including Breaks, Chill Out, Dubstep, Electronica, Glitch, Hard Dance, Hip-Hop, Minimal, Progressive House, Psy-Trance, Reggae/Dub, Soundscape Design, Tech House, Techno, and Trance to create epic sound journeys that tend to be great for bicycling. Or jogging, if you’re into that. Enhance">here.

Check out the last">Sonic Stream blog for more local awesome.


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