Nathan Fletcher's past raises serious questions about integrity

So now that Filner has been successfully booted from office by the cabal that has been running this city for decades the media is presenting mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher as Filner's inevitable successor. And it should not come as a surprise since it was Irwin Jacobs and his developer friends who funded the coup to boot Filner that the Jacob's media machine would like to put Fletcher in the strong mayor position now where he can serve them.

I have heard so many people say they "like" Nathan Fletcher but they can't articulate why. They have just heard "good things about him" from the media. What a shock. The same media that violated the very foundation of good journalism by presenting sound bytes and unsubstantiated claims as facts in order to boot Filner is now using that same strategy to sell Nathan Fletcher to the people.

But seriously is Fletcher really a good candidate for Mayor?" rel="nofollow">There are already serious questions about his ethical behavior in previous elections.

In 2011 when he decided to run for San Diego mayor, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher said he closed his state campaign account once he decided to run for mayor, but Fletcher didn’t close the committee that was taking donations. It continued to collect $34,700 after his mayoral campaign began. This action appears to be a serious violation of election rules.

Fletcher spent the money from the account on a campaign staffer, literature and a donor list.

The VOSD which is now championing Jacobs choice said this back in August of 2011:

"Bob Stern, president of the Los Angeles-based Center for Governmental Studies watchdog group, said Fletcher’s spending should concern the city’s Ethics Commission, which enforces campaign finances rules.

“If I were at the Ethics Commission, I would be raising some questions,” Stern said.

After he declared he was running for mayor, Fletcher received corporate donations from Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America and Anheuser Busch among other companies. Those companies can’t give him money for his mayoral campaign because the city’s rules prohibit corporate donations."

Fletcher also brokered a midnight multi-billion-dollar bill through California’s legislature that would take billions from schools and give it to developers instead." rel="nofollow">Again Jacobs run VOSD voiced concerns over Fletcher's role in this when it occurred so why the change in tune?

"The choice, made in the hours before the state passed its budget in October, epitomizes the conflict central to new Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies statewide. Those agencies divert tax dollars that otherwise would go to schools and local governments. California, Brown argues, cannot afford to subsidize development when schools need the money. Cities, redevelopment backers argue, need all the money they can get to stimulate growth in their communities.

The bill that ultimately became law will funnel a significant share of an estimated $6 billion in future property taxes to downtown redevelopment."

So seriously is Fletcher really the man we want running our City? His actions epitomize the reasons that San Diego has earned a reputation for corrupt politics and insider deals. He collected corporate donations in a secret account prior to running for mayor and he shifted billions of tax dollars from schools to developers. Take a second look San Diego before you elect this insider.


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