Why have the Republicans been following Filner with private investigators for years

Ten News just came out with this rather bizarre story claiming the Republicans have been following Filner with a private investigator for years. The story is beyond bizarre giving the timing of the new allegations of sexual misconduct and supposed "evidence" to back it up.

Since 10 News has always been extremely right-winged and very pro-developer why would they cede to this rather nefarious behavior?

I suspect they are laying the groundwork for why they have the misconduct on camera. Since that is the next step in this coordinated effort to lynch Filner publicly. Filner has clearly rejected their demands to resign behind closed doors so now they are going to be forced to bring out the "evidence" and I suspect the evidence is surveillance video which begs the question who took the video? It also begs the question, was the mayor baited for the cameras?

The story tries to imply that they have just casually been following him with cameras for years so it won't be odd when they just happen to have the misconduct on tape. Ten News says this:

"San Diego Republicans have been trying to capture Bob Filner in compromising positions with women for years, according to a Republican and licensed private investigator.

Derrick Roach, secretary of the San Diego County Republican Party, said he has run surveillance on Filner during election cycles.

"I think some people turned a blind eye thinking this was just a partisan political attack," Roach said. "They thought it was a witch hunt and it's not."

Roach said he's spent years behind the camera watching Republicans and Democrats. He told Team 10 he wanted voters to know who they were electing.

He said Filner is the only politician he's watched for sexual encounters."

So, it's unclear what's happening, but stay tuned and ask a lot of questions. If the mayor was baited it's even more reason he should NOT resign and he should leave the courts to sort out the details. The Republicans are usually pretty sloppy in their theater so I suspect the sloppiness will emerge if they are forced to bring out their evidence.

I am standing with Filner. He has been the best mayor in decades and the aggressive efforts of our corrupt media and our corrupt politicians (a-hem....Todd Gloria, Toni Atkins, etc), makes me really think Filner has done something right.

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