Prop 30 is being supported by Bank of America and Kaiser Permanente: 2 more reasons to vote NO

Why is California's most corrupt bank (IMO, just look at all the current lawsuits and investigations)supporting Prop 30 now? Prop 30 is being supported by Bank of America and Kaiser Permanente: 2 more reasons to vote NO !

Gov. Jerry Brown got major Bay Area business leaders to lend their full support to the measure.

In case you needed any more reasons to vote no on this deceptive Proposition.

Brown said this at the meeting:

“We’ve got about 10 percent undecided, maybe more depending on how you push people. I think we have a very good chance to win, but I’m not going to let anything slow me down between now and election day,” he said at the headquarters of the Bay Area Council.

Brown was surrounded by executives of some of the largest businesses in the state, including Bank of America, AT&T and Kaiser Permanente.

Pretty ironic because one of their Facebook posts asks this pointed question, implying the big corps want a "No" vote on Prop 30.

Which groups do you want to have unlimited control over CA Elections? What type of measures do you think they will want passed? PG&E? AT&T? Billionaires? Foreign Countries? Foreign Corporations?

Ha!!!! AT&T just came out in STRONG support of the measure as did most all major big businesses in California. What does that tell you about the promises that have been made for the money?

Prop 39 which is another tax hike is being bank-rolled by California hedgefund billionaire Tom Steyer. So I'm pretty sure corp America and billionaires WANT tax hikes!

The fact that the California Chamber of Commerce (aka housing developers) took a neutral position on the measure also indicates theyve been promised a chunk of the pie. All this support shows that Brown has made a lot of promises about where this 6 billion dollars will go. Unfortunately the "no on 30" campaign is just made of regular citizens, not GIANT multi-national corporations and big banks that will profit from its passing. Let's hope voters see through this shell game or we are in BIG trouble.

As I stated in an earlier post the Proposition will also permanently end funding for the Brown Act which mandates transparency in state government.

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