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Entries for June, 2010


Todd Gloria Silences His Critics on Facebook

Take a look at Todd's facebook page and tell me this isn't a pulpit for him as Council Member of District 3 versus a personal page.. At first I thought "this is great since Todd never reads or responds to emails to his office maybe he will respond to ...

A Simple Solution to Contain the Oil Spill: Reverse Funnel

Yesterday morning I heard the CEO of Shell describing what he believes is our last resort to fix this. He described building a tall steel diaphragm (sort of like I proposed below) but then burying it with sand and then......dropping a nuke! I thought "No!!!! I cannot believe they are ...

Who and What is SD's Most Powerful Special Interest, the Building Industry, Pushing This Election

Obviously elections are unbelievably confusing. We have all grown very weary of sneaky and dirty political tactics employed by special interests. Often times the name of a proposition is the exact opposite of what the title of that proposition implies. (This is certainly how I feel about Prop D which ...

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