Love it or hate it, we have all spend time, money, and calories exploring the seemingly bottomless happy hours that turn into too many hours at any of the PB bars. We have all met the love of our lives (regardless of his mer 22 years of existance and his future dreams after he leaves the Marines), the one night stands (that we still stalk on facebook even though they got back with their significant other two weeks after you hooked up), and the usual creeper (who could be cool if he blinked every few seconds and wasn't so interested in buying you a drink when you're hardly done with the one-or 2-in your hand). No matter what bar, the time of day, or the level of hammared everyone is, these marvoulous gems will make themselves known to us.

I can't say I have a problem with the "variety" of people that frequent this area of the globe. After all, youth is meaningless without memories right? But here is what I ponder after the following week when the hangovers are gone, the weekday rational has settled back into everyones mindset, and the witty, sarcastic, truth concealing emails begin flying (or forwarding) from cubical to cubical, iphone to iphone, BBM to BBM. When does the variety of bargoers negatively effect the variety of bedgoers anyone brings home?

Not sure? well I will tell you, when you are already in a relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, being single and being in a relationship are two different things. In a world where STD's are a leading cause of death in multiple countries, marriage is less successful than peacetalks in a time of war, and morality is an outdated belief of the puritans, I have trouble understanding the rational of those who are in relationships when they act as if they aren't.

Of course I have heard the reasons, "They have had a really hard fews weeks, if I broke up with them it would kill them", "But it's almost their birthday/Valentines Day/Christmas", "They mean everything to me, but I am bored", "I was hammared, it was an accident".

Listen people, bad news never has good timing. Grow a set.

Word to the wise, never hunt where you sleep. Chances are anyone who lives in this pinpoint on the map is a funloving, outgoing, friendly person with many groups of friends (key phrase: many groups of friends). Isn't that one of the reasons we all transplant here anyway? Heres something to think didn't work for Bill Clinton, Judd Law, or John why would it work for a less wealthy, less powerful, and less good looking 20 something year old? Thats right, it wouldn't.

If Facebook's "mutual friends" button hasn't proven itself enough times, the world is small. It is not THAT out of the ordinary that your new "friend" for the night is your co-workers old classmate, your new "taco tuesday date" knows your old roommates, or your "we have the same job" pal is college friends with your best friends hook-up buddy. The problem is that everyone here is connected. Connected in friendship, connected in loyality and connected in technology...these are the three things that create and sustain the unltimate cockblocks.

I am not here to judge those who screw around with relationships or expect anyone to change their mischevious ways after they read this blog. I am however here to remind those that while a variety of fun-loving bargoers is enticing, it is far more enticing for a fun-loving bargoer to use a variety of ways to settle the score, laugh at you as you lose, and watch your life climble one facebook status at a time. Good luck players!


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