La Mer Black's

A friend and I went for a walk this morning at Black’s Beach. Unfortunately there were no naked octogenarians.

We entered from the La Jolla Farms side on the south instead of via the glider port next to Torrey Pines Golf Course.

I must confess I’ve not been to the La Jolla Farms side before. The view down the canyon to the beach was spectacular. It was partially overcast, the water looked almost green and the waves were calm.

As we walked north on the beach, we saw dolphins surfing the waves.

I thought of the first movement of Debussy’s La Mer: From Dawn to Noon on the Sea.

There are no dolphins in La Mer but it has long been one of my favorite pieces of music and on a day like today it came to mind.

I adore the mist in the music’s opening bars. As this “symphonic sketch” develops, the sun breaks through the clouds, much like it did today.

It is tempting to listen to music like this and try to guess what specific episodes represent.

I’ve listened to symphonic music with friends before and had them ask what it means.

I never know what to say.

In the case of La Mer, it is impressionistic music which means, ahem, it gives an impression of the sea, not specifics.

What music means is a personal matter. It is possible to share with others but often we hold back our true experience.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66hX8Ms0FwE&feature=related">Claude Debussy: La Mer - First Movement by https://www.youtube.com/user/DarkRaimundo">Reuben Markham


were there any unholy hot septuagenarians there that day....nah i was at the park


high gliding kites buddy.... out over la mer...do it...wait it cost mucho broncola bucks

and Debussy...u describe it beautifully...good blog Garrett ;-D

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