Sara, Mary, Elis

"Yeah, so it's all up to them two." Finishes Mary.

"Hmm, and he, He, arrives tonight?" Asks Sara.

"Yep." Answers Mary unfaltering, getting up she triple checks the calendar, points a finger, beckoning Sara and Elis to get up and take a look.

Sara and Elis go over, and stoop over the counter, and take a gander.

The calendar is empty, except for December 26.

Mary reads: "December twenty sixth of two thousand twelve, ten o'clock at night, Sasquatch."

"Sasquatch huh?" Says Elis incredulously.

"So what will we do?" Asks Sara, wondering if she and Elis were going to see him, or if they should leave.

"Do you want to see him?"

"Are you serious? Come on Mary."

"I am, you guys still don't believe me!"

"Bigfoot? Sasquatch? Mary you're trying to scare us. We're in the middle of some god damned forsaken land, in your teetering vacation mobile home that smells like mould, and now you're telling us that in four hours we're going to see a monster."

"Listen, Sara, remember that time in Oregon? It was before you guys met, right before grad school, it was just me and you, and we were hiking that trail?"

"Yea, and you fell, and told me to go without you, but I stayed there."

"Yes, there's something about that, that fall I had."

Elis was listening intently, Mary continued: "I had broken my ankle, remember?"

"Yea, but, but then..."

"But then it healed! Like some miracle!"

"Yea, and we were able to hike out safely."

"Well, this is one of those moments Sara, something miraculous is going to happen, and we have to only live through it, and so are you in or what?"

"Ya, we never intended to leave anyways, we'll stick around, right Elis?"

"I don't see why not, I mean, as long as we're allowed, this sounds like some major issue here, I mean are you sure Bigfoot's not gonna fall in love with me and ditch his gal?"

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