New Pants

"No, they don't fit now." I said to Tony, who put my new pants in the dryer.

"Dude, they're fine."

"Whatever, thanks a lot."

Just now Dan returns from the corner liquor store, he sees Tony and I. Upon seeing Dan Tony changes his attitude, as if to argue about it later, but Dan asks "What's up?"

Tony and Dan are still quarreling over some debt, and now that Tony basically ruined my pants, and knowing that the debt is over one instance when Dan blatantly spent the money he owed Tony on clothes, I say : "Tony threw my new pants in the drier, they're ruined, they won't fit now."

Tony blows up: "Screw your pants!"

Dan jumps in: "Dude Tony, you need to chill out over other people's clothes."

Tony retorts: "This isn't about clothes, shut up you just got here."

Dan continúes: "Then what's the deal with the pants?"

I finish them off: "Okay, it's fine, I'll wear them anyways, whatever."

We stand there a second, Tony and Dan with mountains to say to each other, but stifling themselves for other times.

Tony looks at me and says: "I'll buy you knew pants alright?"

"Umm, sure." I say, wondering how this will unfold.

I shouldn't be the prier here, but I kind of am. Tony looks at Dan, "Do you got that money yet?"

Dan is still holding a bag from the liquor store, Tony says: "I mean, it's cool that you buy food for everyone, like junk food and crap, but I kind of need some cash soon."

We three hear some laughter, and then Kyle bursts through the door, getting off the phone he says: "Got a date!"

Somehow as if my telepathy, Isaiah is in the room congratulating Kyle, who gives us the details: "Tonight she's coming over, is the oven empty?"


"Are the dishes done?"

"Yea, you gonna cook for her?"

"Damn right! Do a little caprici salad and some pie."

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