How has time ran so quickly? Did it indeed run from me?

There I slept, on my futon, not thinking it were nearly noon.

I've been sleeping so much that my knees hurt.

I must start my fire, eat something brew a pot of coffee and see about the Green Thumb Nursery.

I saw on craigslist an ad for a one day job as the crew for the game on the thirtieth at Qualcom. But lets see, eight hours at fourteen, but then gas.

I'd rather abstain from purchasing gas.

So here I am now, a regular day is commencing, various machines clang to work about me, beyond the fence a hedge is trimmed.

I nearly wet the mattress this morning around five: i was at school, entered the restroom, immediately slipped the second I saw the overflowed toilet: slid on the ground a few feet, got up and couldn't help but smell vomit, looking at my arm I see little chunks of it.

Great I say, but have to water so badly that I just try, then someone nearly comes in, and so my nerves cause me to sway, so I have to focus, but still now my erection is not letting me urinate.

Then at the perfect moment I awake, it's raining, and I turn the heater on.

Then suddenly it's noon, I've only ate a bowl of cereal.

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