I dropped a cookie, and it ran under the washing machine.

And yesterday, while tending to my garden, which has all gone to seed anyway, something happened to me which has happened before, a flying animal of some sort attempted to penetrate, and enter my face, either through my nose ears or eyes.

last summer when I encountered these flying things, it actually did run up my nostril.

I clamored out over the rickety little fence, basically crashed through the door ran to the sink all the while scratching my face, eyes pouring and my sneeze reaction loose, huffing, like trying to catch my breath, it lasted for only a few seconds, then I guess it burrowed deep enough, and i couldn't feel it anymore.

Must be some kind of moth.

So that's the topic, volition. Take the cookie, there I was, there it fell, under the machine, right under.

I bend down, and sift around for it, but nothing.

I had to leave it there.

Just like the song: my meatball rolled off the table...

What kind of cookie? Ok, it was an animal cracker, came in big tub, a big gallon barrel, you screw the lid off and reach in.

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