Big Gundown on the 805

Drug deal shootout leaves eight injured, two dead.

34th and El Cajon Boulevard November 17, 8:30 p.m. SDPD 32.755351, -117.120068

Police responded to a request for backup at 34th Street and El Cajon Boulevard from California Department of Justice agents of the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement.

The Federal agents were staking out two men in an ongoing drug distribution investigation. One of the tailed men walked into a City Heights apartment and open fired on four women and two men, killing one of the men on the scene, according to SDPD. The deceased was 45-years-old.

The gunman tried to escape in a waiting vehicle. A federal agent attempted to arrest him. Other agents arrived on the scene. The shooter fired his gun at the agents, injuring one of them.

The culprit ran away, squeezing under a fence and running onto the northbound lanes of Interstate 805.

Officers caught up with him as he got to the center divide, according to Lt. Kevin Rooney. The man fired at SDPD officers and ran across the southbound lanes. Six San Diego police officers shot and killed the man.

The injured agent was hospitalized with a gunshot wound; it is not considered to be life-threatening and the agent is expected to make a full recovery.

The victim killed in the apartment is a 45-year-old man.

SDPD states the shooter was a 41-year-old man and lived in the county. His identity is being withheld for now.


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