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Arnie said the state is going broke by the first of July. Again I ask "What does that really mean?" are the libraries going to close? Will we stop paying state taxes or is it some kind of trick or stunt to get federal aid. So the state is broke and out of business so I guess we can forget about having sun shine and waves at the beach. Oh yeah and the blue skies and cool breezes will be cut off too. Also no flowers blooming in the winter, no dry sand in the desert and all that clean air ya been breathing, you can scratch that. That's right California is broke, lights out and that ripping sound you here is that sunset over the ocean, it's being repoed. So does this mean the state will be up for sale to the highest bidder maybe we will be bought by Utah or even worse Fargo, North Dakota. I wonder if we will have to change our name? How about Utahfornia ahh naw, what would happen to the song? ( Hotel Utah). I don't think I ever heard of a song about Utah, Do they have a state song? Hey how bout selling the state name to a business like Nike or even Citicorp, I can see it now California by Nike, Swoosh. I wonder if the state will have enough money to make payroll? Anyways, this is a trip, a whole state running out of money and going broke. Should we all pass the hat or something and start sending Arnie care packages. Are all the state workers going to have to work for free or will they be replaced by the National Guard. It makes me wonder if the sky is really falling.


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