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Trailer Park: <em>The Art of the Steal</em>

I can remember when people read books instead of stealing them.

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Trailer Park: <em>Fading Gigolo</em>

When was the last time Woody Allen acted in a film that he didn't direct? If you guessed Antz (like me), than we'd both be wrong. Did Alfonso Arau's Picking Up the Pieces even receive a theatrical release? According to IMBD, the film debuted in February 2000 at the American ...

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Trailer Park: <em>2 Guns</em>

Wow. I've seen the film, and lemme tell you, Denzel does not ask his boss in the interrogation room, "Did you know he was special forces?" It's one thing when the trailer gives you a scene that didn't make it into the movie. It's another when they dub in fake ...

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Trailer Park: Paul Schrader's <em>The Canyons</em>

Ask Paul Schrader a question. Details inside.

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Trailer Park: <em>Last Vegas</em>

Brilliant. Mean, but brilliant.

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Trailer Park: <em>Pacific Rim</em>

Okay, so everyone's excited for this, because deep down inside, everyone is still an eight-year-old boy. Except, maybe, you know, the girls. But they'll go with their boyfriends, just like they used to go to the arcade with their boyfriends and watch, bored beyond belief, as their menfriends absolutely killed ...

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Breakdowns, blow-ups, and boners from the Warner Bros. vault

http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/apr/03/43107/ Television's last great gasp of inventiveness came when Kermit 'Mr. Blooper' Schaefer passed the boner baton to Dick Clark. Forget about balls dropping or kids dancing on the bandstand; Dick Clark's greatest contribution to American culture was the recycling of the TV's garbage into a weekly series. The first ...

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Trailer Park: <em>The Iceman</em> cometh

I'm such a purist that the thought of watching even so much as a trailer on my computer is hateful. As much as I love the damn things, critics seldom see coming attractions before press screenings. Fortunately, I attend enough movies as a civilian where catching up on trailers for ...

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Trailer Park: the mundane horrors of <em>Dark Skies</em>

Haven't seen this one yet, but there are some genuine chills in the trailer. Children who don't come home for family gatherings because they're playing video games with their friends. Is it at all surprising that the trouble starts here? http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/feb/22/40576/ I mean, Mom said that company was coming in ...

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Trailer Park: <em>Escape from Planet Earth</em>

How many acts of cinematic theft can you pack into one trailer?

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Trailer Park: <em>The Internship</em>

I don't think they're even trying any more.

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Trailer Park: <em>Top Gun 3D</em>

Some crucial omissions!

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Trailer Park: <em>Day of the Falcon</em>

Not to be confused withe Day of the Jackal or Day of the Triffids.

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Trailer Park: <em>Bullet to the Head</em>

The interesting thing is, the actual film is not nearly as cliched as the trailer.

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Trailer Park: <em>Olympus Has Fallen</em>


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A closer look at the trailer for <em>Spring Breakers</em>

The most iconic American cinema image you'll see this year? The most iconic American cinema image you'll see this year.

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