Hot Dawg!



Little Italy: Mezcal, corn dogs rule at Art & Commerce

The 90-year-old art of making corn dogs is revived for the after-work crowd


Homebrews for guide dogs

Local Habit hosting homebrew-driven fundraiser for service dog trainers


Dogs for UH

Two of the best street foods join forces in one liquor store parking lot.


Dogs and dogs

When the bar allows pets, should we call the tubular meats frankfurters to avoid confusion?


Sausages’re off, love

Sausage alert on India Street! Jerry, the cook who’s just as much an institution as Pete of Pete’s Quality Meats (1742-1/2 India Street, Little Italy, 619-234-1684), the place that’s famous for the sausages which Pete has always made right here on the spot, is getting a break for the first ...


Sausages for sail...!

Carla’s gonna faint. She’s the hot dog guru. Knows her kielbasas from her bratwursts, her American mustards from her French. What happens is I’m at the Festival of Sail... ...between the Star of India and the long arcade of food and craft tents stretching north from the Star of ...


National Hot Dog Month: It Ain't Over Till I Say So

“Hey!” says Carla. “Did you realize we’ve just missed National Hot Dog Month?” “Uh, yeah?” “July. And that’s my favorite food of all time. So let’s celebrate, quick!” This was last night. ’T’was early evening on Ms. Carla’s hair day, in Coronado. Now she’s all frou-frou’d up and good to ...

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Weiner Dogs and Tortoise and a Barbeque

On the way to the Turtle and Tortoise Show, we ran across the weiner dog picnic. It was a sunny, mild day in Balboa Park, just right for the San Diego Dachshund Club’s annual summer picnic. Barky little dogs and their humans romped the grassy park and made new friends, ...


Coming Attractions: Sally and Henry's Doghouse Bar & Grill

Dog friendly restaurants and bars are getting to be pretty common, and a new place in the Hillcrest/Banker's Hill neighborhood will add to the venues for dining with your four-legged friends. Sally and Henry's Doghouse Bar & Grill will be located on Fifth Avenue, about a block and a half ...


Delux Dogs: Open!

For months it’s had brown paper covering the windows and a sign promising they’d be opening soon. Every time we come through, my official hot dog taster – Carla – looks longingly. “When, when, for crying out loud!” She’d say, nose to the 901 bus window. This time though, it's ...


Best Dog on a Stick?

“Established 1894,” says this sign on top of the brick building. It’s the old Wonder Bread building that Mission Brewery has taken over (1441 L Street, 619-544-0555). But it’s what’s outside that interests me. There’s this truck that looks like a, well, dog shack. And Dog Shack is what it’s ...


Daddy's Hot Dogs

There's been a little commentary on Feast! blogs that people would prefer to see local businesses over big, national places. That is sort of a double-edge sword, folks. At the end of the day, the industry is the industry and places like Costco aren't going anywhere. It's maybe better for ...


My Guilty Pleasure: Costco Hot Dogs

Elizabeth Salaam’s recent Feast! blogs celebrating lunch at Target and Ikea, and Ed Bedford’s tribute to 7-11 hot dogs got me to thinking about one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the Costco hot dog. Food courts are the booty call of dining. Cheap and available, but not necessarily satisfying. ...


Hot Dog Cart in Balboa Park

Not every sunny day at Balboa Park calls for lunch at the fancy restaurant with the patio. Sometimes, a girl wants to spend less and eat casually on a stone bench outside the Timken. Yesterday was such a day. It’s true that, at $3.50 each, the hot dogs sold on ...


Perro Caliente!

Heading south tomorrow! At least via Tin Fork. Full report on the most delicious hot dog in the SD/TJ metroplex. Clue: Swiss dogs, Hungarian wiener, Mexican heat… Except it's behind closed doors... This week's TF.


Top Dogs in Coronado - Soon

Coronado’s hot dog fanatics are just gonna have to wait a little bit longer. That’s what co-owner Kirsten Bertz says. The tiny slice of space between Postal Annex and Wag’n Tails on Orange Avenue promises an upgrade in dogs like the island has never known. Nice irony that Delux Dogs ...


Uptown Grunge Dog?

So, I was wandering along University around eleven at night, looking for a bus, any bus that’d take me downtown. But, wait...yonder luminous red umbrella., lil white cart, the smell of grilled onions. People stopping, ordering…are we in TJ? No, we’re in Uptown, next to Rich’s nightspot at 1051 University. ...


Arrow Wars on Fifth

Trottin’ down Fifth t’other night around ten, into the belly of the beast, da Gaslamp. Course my own belly's bawling out for something. Anything. Problem? Tapped out. Seems like I always am, this time of night. So definitely looking for a bargain. And what’s this? Arrow wars? Down on G, ...


Tijuana: Dogs de la Calle

Shout out to the real thing. Past couple of times coming back from TJ I’ve ended up on the street, looking for one last dog. This time it’s around ten at night, corner of Avenida de la Amistad (“Friendship Avenue”) and the stalls leading back to the border. José Ismael ...


Best Dog In the Galaxy?

Is this the best hot dog in the universe? OMG. It’s increíble! And tastes as good as it looks. I’m looking down at a viper’s nest of crispy candied onions, tomato chunks, a crooked line of yellow mustard with red balls dotted along it so it looks like a coral ...

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