Chargers archive for November, 2012

Peters vs. Bilbray: Political Debate

Chargers Park-Time For A Change

Chargers Park was once a place where neither the players nor the staff wanted to leave at the end of the work day, but it seems just the opposite: workers want to finish their jobs and leave by 5 pm, thanks to Mr Smith who refuses to listen to anybody ...

Almost Factual News

Koan Korner!

The Zen question for the day: How many Chargers are required to stop a Raven running back on 4th and 29 with 1:50 to go in the game?

Ensign Hickman

Ersatz News Source: Chargers Use Psychic; Ostrich Breakout

Chargers Use Psychic (11/2/12) The San Diego Chargers finally won a game at home on Thursday night, beating the Chiefs and improving their season win/loss record to 4-4. An assistant coach who asked for anonymity divulged the back-story on the team’s turnaround. Following a losing game last Sunday and another ...

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