Burrito Barato



Dos Brasas

Does this Mission Hills spot really have the BEST breakfast burritos?


TJ: Now THIS is a burrito

Not like your bloated versions in El Norte


El Pueblo, salvation on the 5

Knowing about this Cardiff taco shop will come in handy for anybody hungry on the freeway.


Sloppy's Burritos opens in Hillcrest

The plaza at Fourth and University is exploding with new restaurants (sorry, Subway!) and the newest one is an alternative burrito place.


The grocery store taco annex

Once again, a sandwich board has steered me in the right direction. In South Park, I spotted the sign out front of the Food Bowl (3035 Cedar Street) that advertised “street-style tacos.” Sure enough, there was an EZUp tent slapped against the side of the building to shelter a couple ...


Taco shop stands out

I swear that Cabais Mexi-Deli is special, but you have to bear with me for a moment while I get through the nitty-gritty. It's a petite store located next to a tattoo shop in Hillcrest and it might be easy to pass by since the sign is painted on the ...


The California burrito, part 2, fries!

While diced potatoes are far from heresy, the orthodox approach to the California burrito requires, nay, demands french fries. Where potato chunks are sensible, fries are "crazy," the impulsive gesture of some stoned surfer or impulsive cook who thought outside the tortilla for a moment and changed burrito cookery as ...


The California Burrito, Part 1: Potatoes?

There's no denying that the California burrito is a treasured San Diego original, a staple cuisine of America's Finest City. It characterizes San Diego with its easy-to-eat appeal to slacking surfers and harmonious fusion of Mexican and American sensibilities into a dish that's greater than the sum of its parts. ...


Clayton’s Mex Kitchen: It’s Hot in Here!

Spare a thought for the suffering chefs and cooks of our fair city. These days are hot enough outside. In the kitchen of, say, Clayton's Mex Takeout (1107 10th Street, Coronado, at 10th and Orange, 619-437-8811)... http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2012/sep/27/32356/ http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2012/sep/27/32357/ ...you can add ten degrees to the outside temperature. http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2012/sep/27/32362/ Mario, Oscar ...


Fish tacos are famous(er)!

My mother forwarded me a link to a Slate.com article that extols the virtues of Baja-style fish tacos. The author envies those of us, "in SoCal with a perfect Baja-style joint on every block, in which case you're very lucky and I salute you." Fittingly, since the article is part ...


Pizzas Get Breakfast Burrito Treatment

The folks at North Park’s URBN (3085 University Avenue) shot me a line when they started offering breakfast pizzas. I was instantly intrigued. I had recently experienced something similar—a pizza topped with bacon, tater tots, and fried eggs—at nearby University Avenue eatery, The Foundry. That protein-rich creation screamed AM but ...


Fast Food in Barrio Logan: Rolando's Taco Shop

I was down at Café Moto buying coffee beans, and on a tight time schedule. Where’s a good place to grab a quick lunch?, I asked the ever-helpful Moto staff. They pointed me towards Rolando’s Taco Shop, just a half block down National Avenue. The dining area is a lot ...


Eating for Pennies at Benny’s

What makes me jump off the #2 bus I don’t know. Well, maybe I do. Usually I’ve zinged past this corner house Mex. eatery, jes' 'cause I'm imagining all the cool places around the corner in South Park. Tonight something tells me to pull that cord. http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2012/jun/28/27025/ That something? Kinda ...


Juan Chou Sushi and Tacos

Formerly the El Camino in South Park, Juan Chou is a fairly recent addition to the neighborhood. The illustrated sign, half kabuki masque and half day of the dead skull, is one of the more intriguing logos that's been put on the front of a restaurant recently. The simple declaration ...


Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe

What can I say, I assumed the Hillcrest restaurant was named after the ex-President. It wasn't. I asked. My server told me that Jimmy was the owner and a third generation San Diegan. He told me that if I walked over to the bar, I could see a picture of ...


The Lunch Line at Tacos el Gordo

What a wacky place Tacos el Gordo is! The Chula Vista branch of a Tijuana taco shop has a pretty rock-solid relationship with faithful clientele and the place seems to be jamming at just about any hour of the day that it's open. It looks like the building used to ...


Yeah, I Ate the Doritos Taco....

So, it definitely happened. I went to Taco Bell and ate one of those special tacos where the shell is supposedly made from Doritos Nacho Cheesier chips. It came with specially packaged salsa that asks "who do I write the thank you note to?" and a little cardboard sleeve to ...


Ranchos Cocina

I haven't visited Ranchos since well before the place got a facelift, which was quite a while ago now. It's been at least a year since the restaurant's facade changed from urban jungle to the current, albeit somewhat imposing, look. I'd say it's a little more open, a bit less ...


La Posta

This Hillcrest taco shop is open 24 hours and takes only cash (there's an ATM on site). The prices are cheap and the clientele often borders on sketchy. It's La Posta. I usually err on the side of caution in taking recommendations from people I know, but I found the ...


La Fachada: Dirt Cheap Barrio Tacos

Barrio Logan is way cool. The neighborhood is much quieter than its reputation (fairly earned in the past) implies, and there's no shortage of cool stuff to do; like checking out the murals at Chicano Park and maybe seeing some lowriders. But one of the best reasons to go down ...

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