Bridges, hmm, this is an old bridge.

Hmm, it appears that the San Diego City officials are treating the bridges on Market Street like the rest of the USA...the bridges are being ignored, neglected, being allowed to rust and be overrun with graffiti. Is the city banking on a miracle…more federal money, a private donor? The bridge is in danger. Does the city truly understand that the city’s neglected and ignored bridges are an accident waiting to happen? The city will cry that there is no $$. But there sure gave downtown developers a big tax break and other favors. I wonder if the city simply wants to gamble with the lives of the working class in Grant Hill and those who drive on Market Street daily in that it would rather pay a wrongful death lawsuit instead of paying for the costs to repair or rather replace the bridges. When walking on the south side of the bridge how many exposed metal bars can you count? How many cracks?

The city needs to ask the folks that survived the I-35 when they crossed the Mississippi River while heading to Minneapolis on August 1, 2007.

All bridges in the USA have been ignored and neglected!! What is the plan to repair them? There is none.

What is the City of San Diego plan to correct the sagging bridges? Let the next administration figure it out. It is the political way.


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