Padres split with Dodgers and Padres fans ready to fire everyone

Social media suggests that the Padres fans are ready to see the club part ways with important pieces of the team

Four games with the Dodgers at Petco Park, and the Padres take the first two and drop the second two. Fan reaction? For two days they sang the praises of the club, and for two days they wanted half of the team gutted, some even including the manager who they previously claimed should be in the running for Manager of the Year.

Welcome to San Diego. It’s difficult to imagine a fan base so spoiled when the only thing that any of their professional sports teams have won was, well, we’re still waiting on that, aren’t we? Meanwhile, we live with what we have at our disposal.

Today, as a carryover from yesterday, apparently Huston Street is traded away for whatever the Padres can get for him if you buy in to what the fan base is demanding. Never mind he was the All-Star representative for the club last season.

The Padres aren’t likely to trade away Street, in spite of his high earned run average, and never mind he’s only blown one save this season. He gave up a couple of home runs on Sunday in the middle of a 1-1 tie, and he’s given up quite a few this season, so suddenly he’s trade bait? Street is making $7 million dollars this season and he’s signed through 2014 and isn’t likely to go anywhere soon.

You want to blame something for the last two losses, let’s start at one. As in, one run in each game scored by the Padres. One run per game isn’t going to win many games. The team that scores the most runs wins, and that’s the way the game is played.

Saturday night and in to Sunday, not only did Padres fans want starter Edinson Volquez traded away, but so did national media. Trade rumors abound, with many having Volquez and Anthony Bass going to the Baltimore Orioles for Jake Arrieta.

Arrieta has a higher earned run average than do most pitchers, and his upside is mostly downside. What do the Padres gain with this? Nothing. You get someone else’s project, and why trade one or two projects for another?

You can’t expect the Padres to toss out four or five replacements and expect them to hit like the players they replaced. At least, not consistently. Zack Greinke was good on Saturday as was the Dodgers bull pen, and on Sunday, the Padres couldn’t figure out a way to string their hits into a rally, save for the home run by Carlos Quentin.

This is going to happen. Be smart fans. You’re not going to replace either Huston Street nor Edinson Volquez with anything better than who those guys are, and the bats will get better as the injuries heal. This is baseball, it’s 162 games of torture.

Endure it, like all fans of the sport do.


You’ll see this all season, the Padres will bring arms up and send them down. Up again is Brad Brach and Miles Mikolas, and down again is Brad Boxberger and Anthony Bass. Each spent a day here. And expect Robbie Erlin to be recalled prior to Wednesday to take Clayton Richard’s spot in the lineup. Just suspecting that, but don’t be surprised.

The Philadelphia Phillies are in town now and slated to go against the Padres on Monday. In a battle of left-handers, Eric Stults (6-5, 3.25) goes for the Padres against Cliff Lee (9-2, 2.53) for the Phillies. Game time is 7:10 PM PDST, on 1090 AM or Fox Sports San Diego.

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Volquez has been rumored to be out of here for awhile. Also, Volquez is already arbitration eligible, and is making more than 10 times what Arrieta is making with the O's this season. Perhaps the trade would do them both good, but I would really like to see what Balsley could do with Arrieta. If that deal doesn't happen, I am certainly all for the Padres trading Volquez at some point this season, as they don't need to be paying a .500 pitcher for his career $6 or 7 miilion that he would probably get next year in arbitration.

I'm not certain that Volquez is going to get that money next season. He's no longer arbitration eligible in 2014 by the way, he's a clear free agent. My point with Edinson has been that if they can't get any real prospect for him then maybe they try and sign him for a year, maybe at $5 million. If that number is too low for him, then I agree, you let him walk. But a lot of folks would like to see him gone right now, regardless, and I'm not certain that's a little foolish since all you're likely to get in return is someone else's project-in-the-making. And the Padres have plenty of those already.

I would love to talk to Balsley about what he thinks of Arrieta but you know those guys don't say anything until they have them on the squad and even then they don't really say anything. This is an excellent comment, and I think you're right on in the way you consider value as the big part of any trade.

I misread his contract info on Baseball Reference--he is indeed a FA, but I don't think they should even offer him $5 mil. Unless he turns things around, he will be lucky to cash in at all for his first FA year.

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