Minkow Will Help Prosecution Investigate Developer

Barry Minkow, fraudster turned pastor/investigator, then charged with fraud himself, will help U.S. prosecutors investigate a San Diego developer, according to the Los Angeles Times. In a plea bargain, Minkow will help federal prosecutors investigate a San Diego developer who allegedly hired him to spread lies about Florida-based homebuilder Lennar Corp., according to the Times, which has seen the plea agreement. The developer is identified as "conspirator A," but attorneys says he is San Diego developer Nicolas Marsch III, who had teamed up with Lennar to developer a resort community called the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, which has been unprofitable. Marsch blamed Lennar for the losses but "has been the loser in several lawsuits against the company," says the Times. Minkow ran the Fraud Discovery Institute while being a pastor at San Diego's Community Bible Church. He resigned that post earlier when it was revealed that he would plead guilty to fraud charges.


Well, Barry let me down. I thought it was bad enough that he was going to plead guilty to fraud, but now it appears he was hired to do a fraudulent dog and pony show on Lennar.

And then to pile on more underhanded dealings he is back stabbing the guy he conspired with to give himself a lighter sentence. Absolutely pathetic.

This is for everyone, if you ever EVER get caught up in a plea deal NEVER rat anyone out -unelss you're facing a life sentence with no parole.

Everyone hates a rat, including the cops. You will be known as a rat your entire life and even the ones you helped-law enforcement- will shun you as a rat. LE teaches and trains their employees to NEVER, EVER trust a rat-never.

If you do the crime just suck it up and do the time.

1, 5 or 10 years in the Joint for keeping your mouth shut will pay dividends to you the rest of your life.

Disagree. I think the people providing information in the Rajaratnam insider trading case are doing the nation a great service. The more of those crooks trading on inside information that go to prison, the better off we all are. Best, Don Bauder

If they are doing it to get a shorter sentence I disagree with you Don.

These people cannot be trusted, they can and will do (and say) anything to get ahead-as in a shorter sentence.

Fortunately, the phones were tapped in the Rajaratnam case. The jury can hear the conversations. Best, Don Bauder

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