City's Latest Attempt to Thwart Kessler Suit Fails

The City of San Diego submitted a writ to the appeals court, claiming that Scott Kessler, who is suing the City over his firing, did not exhaust his remedies by going to the Ethics Commission before going to court. The appeals court will not hear the writ. Kessler believes his firing was related to the closeness of the mayor to Little Italy powerhouse Marco Li Mandri, who in turn is close to felon Joe Mannino. The FBI and a police investigator did a study indicating that Li Mandri and Mannino had committed fraud. The case was referred to DA Bonnie Dumanis, who did not proceed with it. Kessler says he was fired partly for cooperating with the FBI and police in their investigation.


This sounds like "Gary Aguirre Syndrome" where the dirty crooks at the top cover for their crooked buddies while harming the little guy at the bottom who is trying to uphold the rule of law.

Once again-America has turned into a Banana Republic where the wealthy and connected few have a different set of rules to live by than the rest of us.

The Scott Kessler case has always stunk. The City is spending oodles of money stalling the case just to save the mayor's face. Best, Don Bauder

When I moved here 24 years ago from Chicago, I was shocked to see the level of corruption and misinformation produced by the San Diego government. Got to watch the subsequent administrations sell-out to the big business interests and cave to the unions. Now I get to watch the results.... not pretty at all. The citizens of San Diego are here to serve the City govt. and their big business masters. And don't forget it !

I expect this case to lead to seven figures of hush money paid with the peoples money, to keep the people ignorant. Our only hope is that Mr. Kessler will continue to show the integrity that cost him his job, and fights until the public hears every "I don't remember"..

Mr. Sanders costs will be covered by the city, or donated by the powerful interests that love him. The hope for justice is that independent voters will remember his "I don't remembers" and end his political career.

He will always have a job giving motivational speeches to Alzheimer's victims. Suggested topic: 'Forgetting Your Way to Freedom.". He only needs one speech. The audience will forget they heard it before.

Ronald Reagan made untold millions this way.

He will always have a job giving motivational speeches to Alzheimer's victims.

Between KFC Sanders, Arnold and Obama, I have no idea who has failed more spectacularly....but all three have been about as big of a disappointment as one can imagine.

At least in KFC Sanders case I did not vote for him, which is some consulation to me (I plead the 5th on Obama and Arnold).

You've taken the Fifth, SP, but you're not fooling us. Best, Don Bauder

Yes, and the attendees will pay bundles to get in. Best, Don Bauder

I expect this case to lead to seven figures of hush money paid with the peoples money, to keep the people ignorant.

If they paid that kind of money out, they would have to disclose all the facts publicly, and the citizens would be outraged.

One thing I always see in gov when they are in lawsuits, they won't settle a bad case, they always want to contest it no matter how bad the facts are or how stacked the law is against them. And if they lose they want to appeal-and they usually end up losing the appeal and spendingf 10-100 times more than what they could have settled for and NO ONE is fired, called on the carpet or in any other way held responsible.

The City's strategy is to stall this case. But the Reader will escalate coverage of the mayor's role in this slime as the City continues to stall. Best, Don Baude

Wake up to the Graft, Corruption and Back Door Dealings rampant in SD...

Every day Kessler is kept in Court, is a MAJOR WIN for $anders's image!

--> The City will continue to appeal until $anders is out of Office...

Is he concerned with any potential settlement; I bet it never crosses his mind since he will not be paying the bill!

BTW: He has more lucrative matters on his plate like which Company to award which Contract to, as he sells off San Diego with his "Privatization" scheme!

He will not only privatize City assets, but when he leaves office he will get a fat job with one of the companies that got a great deal on SD assets. Best, Don Bauder

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