Frye Gets Highest Grade on Environmental Voting

The League of Conservation Voters, San Diego, today (April 20) released its grades for councilmembers and the mayor for 2010. Former 6th District Councilmember Donna Frye got a perfect 100% score and an A+ grade -- the only councilmember to achieve that status. The lowest grade went to District 5"s Carl DeMaio, who got a D+ for voting correctly only 68.8% of the time. District 1's Sherri Lightner got a C+ with a score of 77.8%. The mayor got a B+ at 88.9%. Among the key votes in the compilation were for a demonstration project for indirect potable water reuse and other water measures; opposition to Prop. 23, which would have emasculated global warming laws (it failed), and promotion of sustainable land use. The mayor's staff got dinged for pushing the Regents Road bridge and not supporting the City's vernal pool conservation plan. Most councilmembers got marked down for voting for a plan that sidestepped a court order protecting vernal pools

In the coming year, the league stresses the issues it considers most important: putting transit first when considering SANDAG's regional transportation plan; preserving vernal pools and approving strong wetland delineation determination; adopting a plan that will reduce San Diego carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and adopting a green collar job development initiative.

In January, the league honored Donna Frye with an environmental lifetime achievement award.


If San Diego wasn't about making money and keeping the rich well rich...she would be mayor and make San Diego great Again!!

The current Mayor Sanders...sell out!!

Donna Frye was legally elected mayor and the establishment then stole it from her. Best, Don Bauder

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