San Diegan Canned for Airing NFL Sex Bombshells

San Diego resident Gary Plummer, who has been the San Francisco 49ers radio color commentator for 12 years, got the heave-ho Tuesday (April 12) for remarks on a podcast about players' sex adventures, according to Apparently, Plummer revealed the sex secrets on a late-night show called "Lady Brain" in San Jose, which is devoted to "popular lifestyle topics like relationships, sex [and] body issues." Among other things, Plummer talked about how the 49ers' staff used to line up women for the players -- even going into the stands during the games to get females' phone numbers to supply the jocks. Plummer says his remarks on the podcast probably helped get him fired, but he says that another factor was his constant criticism of the team's performance.


Nothing in sports surprises me anymore. Kobe Bryant, Rick Petino, Dennis Green's son, Brett Farve's text messages, Antonio Cromarte's numerous kids.


The games are fixed but the players aren't, it seems. Best, Don Bauder

Time was when players could score without coaching. Now they send in every play by radio.

"Right hand on left knee... No thats YOUR hand on HER knee.".

The Plummer incident suggests that not only are the players told how to score on the field, but off the field as well. Best, Don Bauder

I bought a Porsche 944 from him in 1986. 6 degrees of separation?

Did you score as many points in that car as he did? Best, Don Bauder

Only in America do you get canned for speaking the truth.

It happens elsewhere, too. Look at the Middle East. Russia. China. Best, Don Bauder

The truth will set you free--of your employer,

The truth will set you free--of your employer,

====== Not if you work for the gov~!

Yes, civil service protects liars. But an elected official might get defeated if he or she speaks the truth. That's why so few ever do. Best, Don Bauder

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