September Lead Indicators of San Diego Economy Fall

The lead indicators of the San Diego economy, compiled by economist Alan Gin of the University of San Diego, fell in September to 109.9 from August's and July's 110. They had risen every month from the 100.7 of March 2009 until flattening in August from July. In September, building permits and initial unemployment claims moved in an unfavorable direction, while stock prices, consumer confidence, help wanted advertising and the national economy moved positively.

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This Fall (No Pun Intended) will be long remembered in $D, as the time that our City Leadership sold us out, to protect their own Pensions and power base; either way the election turns out, the Voters will be the losers.

Things will start get scary before Halloween...

RE "This Fall (No Pun Intended) will be long remembered in $D":

Actually the unintentional pun may be an example of semantic recursion ("?!?")...

Is SD capable of a long memory on anything?

Reply #2 When I read you're reply, "semantic recursion "**, I thought, "It figures"...

Then I googled it and was surprised to find out that I was correct!

RE: "Is SD capable of a long memory on anything?"

  • $TEAL NO DEAL -*

Even diehard Fans still talk about the now historic Charger ticket "DEAL" And so I predict, this memory will stick They and the rest of the voters will remember, the Guacamole Bowl $TEAL For many decades, it will make folks $ICK...

Well Done


Response to post #1: San Diego's leadership sold out the city long before this fall. It was clear that San Diego was insolvent in 2004. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #2: As long as the mainstream media do not report the city's problems, most voters will remain uninformed, disinterested, and apathetic. I had thought that the miserable condition of the infrastructure and lack of maintenance would arouse San Diegans, but they apparently haven't. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #3: They will remember the Chargers scam if it is the final nail driving the city into the bankruptcy court, where it already belongs. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #4: Just keep in mind that 20% of fans are utter fanatics. I wondered if the late-night, secret Sacramento scam would outrage San Diegans who knew nothing about it. On the other hand, there are all those fanatics who think it is wonderful that a bankrupt city can come up with a deal to give a $600 million to $700 million subsidy to a billionaire family that is much better off financially than San Diego. There will be many more "Enron by the Sea" headlines, but they may even be nastier. It appears that San Diego is destined to become the laughingstock of the U.S. Best, Don Bauder

  • Rev'n Debt -*

A reply to #7 Our CITY Debt is still rev'n

It's true and that is NO JOKE In a City that's now Broke

Now many of the folks that now live in $an Diego Will now have to figure out someplace new where they can go

They all will be wondering, "Why did this have to happen to me!" Getting our City $OLD OUT, is something I never thought I'd see

All this time folks have been worrying about the BIG earthquake When they should have been preparing for not being treated Jake

When voters ask, "What if anything they can now Do" Many of them are now thinking, of who we should $ue


RE "Just keep in mind that 20% of fans are utter fanatics. I wondered if the late-night, secret Sacramento scam would outrage San Diegans who knew nothing about it. On the other hand, there are all those fanatics who think it is wonderful that a bankrupt city can come up with a deal to give a $600 million to $700 million subsidy to a billionaire family that is much better off financially than San Diego":

History tells us that the great Olmec civilization in central Mexico built at least three large temple cities with very few other amenities, where the most likely end of that civilization came when the Olmec slaves who were captured from nearby tribes and actually built those temples revolted... live and learn? Or maybe not.

Reply #9 When our Union Members realize that they have been "$OLD OUT" (unlike our $tadiums) then I believe there will be a revolt, as their Union Leaders finally decide to not take the HEAT for our Leaders, that have sold everyone out!

Not sure why anyone really cares about the future in SD when its out of our hands. HELLLOO? 2012?? The clock is ticking....

Response to post #8: Future payment obligations, including debt, are bad when they are so high you can't pay them. That is San Diego. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #9: If San Diegans have not revolted by now, will they ever? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #10: Unions are in bed with the establishment on every corporate welfare project. I see no evidence the rank and file is ready to overthrow leadership. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #11: Are you sure it will all end then? Best, Don Bauder

Sent in my ballot today- with a big fat NO on D.

Reply #16 1 down and 50.99999% to go!

Vote No on Prop D. Save your YES Vote for the Recall!

Response to post #16: Are you sure your vote will be counted? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #17: Normally, I vote for tax increases. I have never voted against a school bond. But the purpose of Prop. D is naked. The establishment intends to subsidize a billionaire family to the tune of $600 million/$700 million. This family owns the San Diego Chargers and is in far better financial shape than the City of San Diego, which is technically insolvent. The receipts from the sales tax increase would provide a defense against the very persuasive anti-stadium argument that the city is dead broke. The second purpose of Prop. D is to permit leaders to skate by without attempting any serious pension reform. The politicians and bureaucrats backing Prop. D most raucously are guarding their own extremely fat pensions. Best, Don Bauder

  • IN$IGHT -*

Reply to #19 What you say is what I've seen

You say it with such actual "flair" Sometimes I wonder if I dare

SD's Readers are lucky to have your insight And also your memory of what is Wrong and what is Right

I'm happy to be your Fan Because Don B., You're the Man!


Response to post #20: Do I say things with flair or flare? Ask Friends of the San Diego Public Library. Best, Don Bauder

  • Flair For Flare -*

Reply #21 These words are just so much fun

I love the great usage of both While some might respond with an oath

When our Librarians now retire with a HUGE City Pension** I can understand why they do not want it given a mention

This gives us all a new insight into those that handle our books Because their Pensions are now so large many think of them as Rooks

For all your Readers that this info comes, as a really big bad shock Check the provided link and you'll learn why, San Diego is in hock

So Don, keep doing what you do with your Flair for Flare When it comes to wealthy Librarians, we all care

** Pension Link:

Response to post #22: The word "books" also rhymes with "crooks." Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #23: That makes two votes against Prop. D. Best, Don Bauder

Mayor Sanders (aka "Ratso" II) must be put in prison along with his City of Bell role model and the leaders of the San Diego Republican Party for their destruction of the San Diego economy and public safety.

The worst case consequence is the fact that too many people are already being killed as a consequence of their acts of grand larceny that are destroying public safety for all San Diego families, which they even admit with their threats against our lives in their Prop. D campaign lies of mass destruction.

Reply #24 That's what happens when you leave the C off of Rooks!

For the Rest All the Best

Reply #26

I'd hate Mayor Sanders to be referred to as, "R2", which to me always refers to R2D2 and Mayor Sanders is NO helpful robot!

Would you consider something like "$trong-arm" Sanders instead?

Response to post #27:

The amazing thing is that the U-T, their Republipuppet Sanders and the San Diego Republican Party are actually issuing public safety threats against all San Diego families so the republicans can increase their grand larceny with out of control tax increases.

Thus the new U-T/SDGOP motto is:


Response to post #28:

OK, whatever works to expose Sanders' threats against San Diego families and put him in jail where he belongs.

Response to post #26: I understand that backers of Prop. D are claiming that the pension situation is under control. This is a bald-faced lie. The trouble with Prop. D is that it is a means to accomplish two things: 1. Give $600 million/$700 million to the Spanos family for a stadium; 2. Not face the pension situation and protect the backers' own plush pensions. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #27: Of course, taxpayers DO get rooked. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #28: A well-engineered robot should be svelte. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #29: That's pretty long for a bumper sticker. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #30: He is making those threats so he can protect his fat pension and reward his San Diego Chargers friends, along with the construction industry. Best, Don Bauder

Mayor Sanders (aka "Ratso" II)

LOL...I think anon is correct, KFC Sanders does have a slight resemblence to Fatty Rizzo of City of Bell fame.

Response to post #36: His city is bigger and his emoluments are smaller, though. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #34 & 36:

The #1 fact of life in San Diego is that the U-T, the SD Republican Party and their puppeticians like Sanders have proven to be the greatest threats to San Diego public safety against every family in San Diego today.

Call him Nero Sanders, Typhoid Sanders, Threat to Public Safety and the SD Economy Sanders, Ratso-Fatso-Gluttony Sanders or whatever fits on bumper stickers, Sanders and the U-T/SDGOP cabal of grand larcenists belong in jail for perpetuating their threats to every San Diego family to satisfy their criminal avarice.

They have destroyed our economy so that their never-ending criminal acts will maximize their grand larceny regardless of how many San Diegans lose their lives, health and property.

The SD Republican Party is now known as the Tax and Larceny Party.

Reply #38 To be fair, "$anders and the U-T/SDGOP cabal of grand larcenists " had lots of help from the Dem'd backed likes of Kehoe, Atkins and lots of others past and present! If either Political "side" had not been "in" on the TAKE, and had the "GUTS" to point out what was going on, we would not be where we are now!

One just has to look at the Pension "Report" and notice that all the City Council were and are "in" on the fiscal raping of SD; by putting off decision after decision while rewarding themselves and their BIG $UPPORTERES with payroll and pension increases, they have all gotten their hands dirty!

That said, I will agree with you that most of our Leaders that we have today deserve the title of "grand larcenists" because have taken part in the Downtown Guacamole Bowl "DEAL" while at the same time holding the City ransom for required Services!

If Prop D (for Dumb) passes, it will mark the beginning of end of the San Diego that we all know and love... Managed Competition, "User" Fees Increases and Privatization will only make those that are Wealthy richer and sentence the rest of us to a much higher cost of living while putting up with a drastically reduced Quality of Life!

I am with Founder 100%.

The notion that one party is what caused the financial meltdown here or anywhere else n CA or America is nonsense.

Dems have been bought and paid for by public unions, but repugs have gone along with the scams. SB400, aka 3%@50, passed on a 93-7 vote ( or close to that). These pension increases are all voted on, and passed, by both parties.

We no longer have parties that represent the working class or poor, they represent two segments of American society, public unions and Big Business, and those two segments own the dems and repugs.

Response to post #39:

Thanks for your comments Founder.

There is another most interesting aspect to San Diego Republican Party Prop. D schizophrenia,

The SDGOP "DO" list at the local level can be entirely different from what they "SAY" to follow orders from the National GOP:

What the SDGOP "DO" at the local level is

  1. Publish SDGOP Puppetorials on the U-T Editorial Page where they say "Yes" on Prop. D. to raise taxes to fund SDGOP grand larceny, while

  2. The SDGOP PuppetMayor threatens the public safety of all San Diego families to force them to vote Yes on Prop. D to perpetuate SDGOP grand larceny.

Meanwhile, to comply with orders from the National GOP:

What the SDGOP "SAY", as puppets themselves to the National GOP, is to vote no on their website in spite of what they "DO" at the local level.

Reply #41 I'm a CD3 voter and have nothing but frustration for ALL our latest Leaders except Carl Demaio (and sadly he is not my Rep) because he at least is crying WOLF and trying to speak out about the Debt of Doom that all the others are making smiling faces about, while they pad their pensions with our Children's Money!

As far as the National GOP (or the National DEM Party), that's Over The Rainbow, from here and we are all scared to look behind that curtain!

IMO: Both National Party's are now not much more than Political Inspired Spinners & Begging Machines (PIS & BM) asking for ever more donations and feeding US different flavors of the same crapola!

Response to posts #40 & 42:

Founder, SurfPuppy619 and Don I hear and respect what all of you say.

The thing that has outraged me so totally this time is that Sanders has actually threatened the safety of all San Diego families, as well as the public safety personnel who risk their lives for us everyday, in his speeches if we don't vote for his continued larceny to pay off his campaign contributors and his personal fortune.

Sanders' should be arrested and put on trial for his public safety and health cutbacks that have already caused death, disease and destruction.

  • Red Ink $tink -*

Reply #43 Now we're really up a tree

Since the City is now drowning in RED INK And City Hall has started to really $TINK

The most important question now for US is Who to Call Does anyone know someone that will not FUMBLE the ball

We need to find someone that is NOT on the Public Dime Like a Legal Plumber that is used to dealing with $LIME

If they could help US recover just some of what we lost It surely would be well worth it at whatever the cost

I'm sure that there are a few well qualified Lawyers with all the right skills It would take time but I bet the Voters would be happy to pay their bills

As for me I now think it would be worth any cost To recover even part of what we have lost

If I was asked to suggest to them for a great place to start I'd say pick the Guacamole Bowl Stadium DEAL apart

But they probably don't need to ask me what to do Since they already would be experts in how to SUE

Things in our City have now gotten so bad Maybe we all should chip in and run an ad


Response to post #38: In the 19th century, the sentiment was expressed thusly: "Turn the rascals out." Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #39: Well, tomorrow (Tues. Nov. 2) will tell the tale. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #40: Agreed: both parties are responsible. Big Labor (with the exception of the public employee unions) is not as rich or powerful as you seem to think, though. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #41: "Puppetorials": good word. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #42: You won't get many arguments. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #42: Suggest to the DA that she arrest Sanders. Go ahead. Try it. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #44: If you run an ad in certain publications, you will be lining the pockets of those you consider enemies. Best, Don Bauder

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