Sempra Gives the Boot to 90 Employees

Sempra Energy announced Monday (March 15) that 90 jobs are being eliminated in a corporate-wide reorganization. The lost jobs include some at Sempra Energy, the U.S. parent, and at the parent's member utilities (such as San Diego Gas & Electric). Most areas of the company were not impacted, the company announced. Laid-off employees are purportedly getting enhanced severance packages.


"most areas of the company were not impacted"

does this really mean the jobs were useless, and redundant ?

Response to post #1: It probably means that Sempra was chopping heads to boost its bottom line. Must listen to Wall Street, you know. Best, Don Bauder

According to U-T blurt on Saturday (3/20), some jobs are heading back to SDG&E.

RE #1:

California's Public Utility Code states that actions of a public utility employee are acts of the public utility, relating to assessment of fines for violating CPUC orders, state laws, Constitution of California, or the like.

It could be that the Sempra Energy employees that did not "impact" Sempra Energy were merely being used to skirt the Public Utility Code on acts of the Sempra-owned utilities. See record of trial for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. SDG&E on "Sempra Entities" employees with at least two sets of corporate-issued personal business cards...

Response to post #3: Sempra will answer questions of the U-T because it writes what Sempra wants it to write. Sempra does not speak with the Reader. That's why you didn't see that here. I question the veracity of that assertion, although it's conceivable that it is true. Best, Don Bauder

Response to poste #4: Your scenario is certainly plausible. Best, Don Bauder

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