Is That La China Seeking a Lover Online?

Richard La China, the San Diegan who was called "a serial Ponzi schemer and career impostor" in a civil lawsuit, then went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, may well be a young man seeking a mate on The Reader did the initial story on his financial antics in March of 2008. A flood of his victims wrote in. Then he went into liquidation bankruptcy. Just recently, a young lady viewed a pitch and emailed, "There was a cute guy that came up in a search on and he had a picture of his plane -- so I googled the tail number and stumbled on his crazy story [the first Reader piece.] The photo on the solicitation looks like La China. He says he is living in Middletown, California, and is divorced with two children. He says he lived in San Diego for 15 years. He says he lived in Costa Rica -- a spot which the suit alleges he ran part of his Ponzi scheme. He says he runs a tech company; he had run one in San Diego that was part of the alleged scam. He says of any potential lover: "The lady must like travel, new cultures." In the picture, he is in Amalfi, Italy. When news of the alleged Ponzi scheme broke in the Reader, people who knew him suspected he had gone to Italy. There's one thing the bankruptcy court would like to know about: he says his income is $150,000-plus.

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There's one thing the bankruptcy court would like to know about: he says his income is $150,000-plus.


BTW-can you please link us to the profile so we can all have a good hearty laugh at the expense of this slimeball???

Kudos to the woman who ran his plane's tail numbers-now that is investigative "dating" at it's finest.

Response to post #1: Let me figure out how to link you to the profile. Yes, the lady who tracked down the plane's tail numbers must be a first-class sleuth. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #3: Are there any potential lovers out there? Best, Don Bauder

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