Beware Buying Biotech on Basis of Ballyhoo

Stock of biotech Aethlon Medical enjoyed a big ride this week on the basis of a news release touting a product, but the bloom is already off the rose. On Tuesday, the tiny company sent out a release saying that its Hemopurifier product "is effective in capturing the current pandemic strain of the H1N1 swine flu virus," according to the release. The study was purportedly done "by third party researchers approved by the Uited States Department of Health and Human Services," said the company. The stock soared Tuesday. At one point it was up more than 50%. It backed off, but by day's end it settled at 36 cents, up from 29 cents. Today (Oct. 21), it closed at 32 cents.


Beware Buying Biotech on Basis of Ballyhoo

set that to a bossanova beat and we can bop to it

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This has all the features of a classic penny-stock "pump and dump" swindle. "Approved by the US Dept of Health and Human Services". Yeah, right!

Response to post #1: Maybe you can bop to it. I'm 73. I can only creak to it. Best, Don Bauder

creakin' is totally acceptable for my dance partners dbauder..hit it SDaniels!!!!!!

Response to post #2: I had the same suspicions: the study was done by an outfit "approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services." Hmmm. Just what does that mean? Best, Don Bauder

hey Pike is fakin' some math stuff...tell us what u think of that dbauder

Response to post #3: That's the bossanova beat: buy! buy! buy! bye-bye! boo-boo! Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #5: What if that partner can creak but not dance worth a hoot? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #7: Did something get Pike's Pique? Best, Don Bauder

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response to 10...PIKE does have a pool of commenter's who are stocked with not only intelligence but witticisms...i think u'd fit right in as ur stock has Piqued in my eyes today

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10: Snap! Where you been when we hit the puns like whoa, DB? :)

Oh and nan, Pere Bauder may be more interested in the perpetual plummeting of prices, than he is with our pirouettes across his pages, or Pike's piques, or the odd assortment we are of princesses, pollywogs, and parolees, or a pursing of lips over such prattle as of the peregrinization of weather balloons...

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I had the chance to buy 2,500 shares of Aethlon yesterday but passed on it because"by third party researchers approved by the United States Department of Health and Human Services"just means exactly what Visduh alluded to. My momma didn't raise no dummy! That and I'm taking a pounding on Wall Street lately.

Persnickety proletarian perfectionists prefer principled porpoises provide Papal protection.

I bought QCOM some 14 or 15 years ago after I read your UT column and never had a regret.
Any more like that?

principled "perpoises," my princeling :)

re: #23: Pure, peerless pelorus (as per your penmanship:), my pet peetweet. :)

Perhaps people prefer parody to Proust.

Best bet? -- Bauder's bylines.

Response to post #11: Well, 70 is close enough to 29. You're doing better than many economists do. Best, Don Bauder

Response to poset #12: Do you suppose bossa nova means new boss? I know plenty of people who have one, despising same. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #13: Where have I been? I don't know from day to day. Best, Don Bauder

Response to posts #s 14-17: I've bin rite hear. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #18: I'm illiterate. Alliteration baffles me. Best, Don Bauder

Response to posts #s19 and 20: You folks are f***ing fantastic. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #21: I haven't looked at Aethlon stock today. Maybe you missed an opportunity. Then again... Best, Don Bauder

Response to posts #s 22 and 23: "Persnickety perfectionist" sounds redundant. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #24: Whether or not to thank me depends on what price you paid. As I recall (and I am not bothering to look this up), Qualcomm, adjusted for splits, peaked at $100. It's now a bit over $40 last time I looked. However, there was a huge, ephemeral spike that makes the all-time high around $100, so the odds are that you didn't buy then. Best, Don Bauder

Response to posts #25 and 26: Has anyone alluded to a peripatetic panhandler yet? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #27:

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Response to post #28: See, I told you someone would use peripatetic. Best, Don Bauder

oh DB...ur offerings is fast becoming a new and viable choice in my series of excellent buys in Semantically Twisted Stocks

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Response to post #41: These blog entries will make us the alliteration capital of the U.S. Best, Don Bauder

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