Generation Y Likes San Diego for Job Prospects

This year's 2.3 million college grads were asked in a poll what locations would be the best for job-hunting. San Diego was in 9th place, according to Despite the financial industry depression, New York City was a runaway number one: eight of ten surveyed listed it first. Second was Washington, D.C., third Los Angeles and fifth San Francisco. One reason the grads like bigger cities is that many more jobs are available. Generation Y members are generally considered those born between the late 1970s and the late 1990s. For employment purposes, researchers focus on those between age 20 and 30.


Response to post #2: I just read today about an alleged point made by Limbaugh that actually made sense. He was supposedly lamenting that relatives of 9/11 victims were getting $1 million settlements while relatives of dead U.S. combat soldiers get a pittance. If he actually said that, he has finally said something intelligent. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #7: Don't worry about your portfolio of defense stocks. Peace seldom breaks out for long. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #5: In self-defense, buy Halliburton stock. Best, Don Bauder

I'm surprised that SD made that list at all. It has never been a city with plentiful jobs, especially for new grads. They must be looking at the city's other attractions. If they knew how slim the pickings really are, and how many local grads from all the universities here are already looking, they would be very discouraged.

God Help Gen Y and all future generations.

The fat old white guy GOP hatemongers with Cheney and Limbaugh as their Grand Wizards have done more grave harm to the future of all Americans than any hate group in history.

Response to post #1: Good points. Remember, this was a poll of college grads. I think they have stars in their eyes. They have heard about San Diego's golf courses, beaches, and perfect weather. They haven't bothered to do their homework, which would tell them that jobs have never been plentiful in San Diego. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #4:

I repeat "God Help Gen Y and all future generations" and especially Heroes and Patriots fighting for America in Iraq and Afghanistan because Cheney, Limbaugh and the rest of the GOP Chickenhawk Hatemongers sold them out in the first place to maximize their personal profits and power from wars and oil as their highest priorities regardless of threats they cause to all Americans.

Response to post #6: That would definitely be classified as a pact with the devil.

As you well know, Cheney, Limbaugh and all their GOP hatemonger class are disciples of Goebbels and his Big Lie propaganda technique that proved far too many people are fools enough to sell out their own Democracy.

Response to post #8:

That is most certainly one of your most important observations of our greatest threat. Wars have occurred almost continuously over the last few thousand years, except for a few hundred years total.

The truth is that humans are the only species that regularly goes to war, commits genocide, and has the capacity to self-destruct.

War has probably always been an important driving force in the invention of new technology. Some of the first human tools were weapons, and we probably used them against each other as much as for hunting. Our passion for war was also the driving force behind some of our greatest scientific achievements, from splitting the atom to landing men on the moon.

Indeed, selling humanity short seems to one of the "best" investments you can recommend, but the catch is you must survive to "cash in."

When Cheney was Secretary of Defense during the Persian Gulf War, he refused the Saudi Royal family's offer to pay the families of fallen US soldiers $1 million each for their sacrifice. Later, Cheney went to Halliburton and used his connections in Saudi Arabia to enrich Halliburton and himself. Cheney is a parasite who's never earned an honest dollar in his life and denied the families of fallen soldiers money that he later took himself.

Response to post #9: To understand mankind, you have to observe animals. They eat and/or attack one another. Evolution has determined that we will be warlike -- especially the male of the species. War is organized theft -- true. But man is a thieving, greedy animal. The only way to eliminate war would be to get all countries to agree that if a war broke out, the politicians and ambassadors would go to the front first. Then they would find a way to avoid war. But this is not going to happen. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #10: I have never heard the story about Cheney turning down that offer from the Saudi royalty. I don't challenge it; I just haven't heard it. I agree he used his position to enrich Halliburton, the company he had headed. I agree that he is a parasite. Best, Don Bauder

To be honest, it is probably easier to find a job in Blythe or Barstow than San Diego. Recently, a janitor opening in Vista resulted in over 1000 applications. This for a $13/hour job with benefits, however. Many PHDs are out of work due to the outsourcing of biotech jobs to India where PHDs can be had for $15-20,000 a year. Tourism is dead. People with condos to rent are sitting empty. The town is in trouble. Big time trouble.

Response to post #13: You left out Bakersfield, which is every bit as delightful a place to live as Blythe and Barstow. Yes, biotech jobs are going to India and many PhDs are out of work. Cutbacks by the state higher education institutions are hurting places such as San Diego. Tourism is getting worse every day. Yet the convention center expansion task force is still trying to figure a way to push through that expansion. Best, Don Bauder

You have to think San Diego could become a ghost town if jobs keep going away. All that will be left are the rich retired and illegals who serve them.

Response to post #15: In the 1960s, during an aerospace bust, the word was, "Would the last one out of San Diego please turn out the lights?" But the town recovered. Some got very rich buying real estate that was heavily discounted during the bust. Best, Don Bauder

Reply to #16 - San Diego is VERY over-rated as a place to live.

Pros - Beach, no snow, Ocean, good restaurants. Cons - Greedy culture with a me me me attitude, no jobs, cloudy alot (by coast), hard to make friends, insane traffic even while moving (driving 80 and still someone is one inch from your bumper tailgating), stressful rat race feel, horrible air pollution (go to Mt Soledad or the Sea World Tower and look around, sky is brown), tons of illegals, tons of crystal meth, horrible schools with lousy teacher-student ratio, kids have no respect for adults, people judged by what they own, wear or drive instead of what the person's character is like, awful corrupt politics, work environments are cutthroat (nobody is your friend), expensive (especially when you consider wages that are crummy), etc....

As you can see, the cons outweigh the pros bigtime. Once I moved, I couldn't believe people actually talked to you and got to know you still. I had become a jaded, reclusive San Diegan. Luckily, I am changing and it is great to be in a place where people are so friendly, just to be nice, not because they have a multi-level seminar they want to take you to.

Response to post #17: Glad you are happy in your new location. Did you move to a smaller or larger town? Best, Don Bauder

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