Former Insurance Commissioner, Now a Cop, Under Investigation Again

Chuck Quackenbush, former California insurance commissioner who resigned under fire in 2000, is back in trouble again. As the Reader revealed in August of 2006, Quackenbush is now a deputy sheriff in Lee County, Florida; his salary has plunged from $132,000 as commissioner to $33,000 as cop. According to the Insurance Journal, Quackenbush has been placed on administrative leave because he shot a person he was trying to arrest. The incident will be investigated. This is normal procedure, Quackenbush told the Associated Press. He was investigated in California as a result of the Northridge earthquake. Insurance companies that should have paid fines in the billions of dollars were instead collectively chipping in sums in the low millions to a foundation that was supposed to advertise the importance of insurance. Actually, a whistleblower reported that the foundation was spending the money getting Quackenbush elected governor. He resigned facing almost certain impeachment.


I was pretty shocked when I found out the Quack was now a cop.

Very weird transition of jobs.

The only way I can see someone with his background getting a law enforcement job is thru connections (which is how the vast majority of these better paying gov jobs are filled, a la Jim Duffy here in San Diego).

So, it is way too early to determine if his use of force was in line with policy or not.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Department, Quackenbush responded to a domestic disturbance call and got into a struggle with a man identified as Teodor Buda. Buda reportedly grabbed the deputy's stun gun and pointed it at Quackenbush, who then shot Buda. Buda was listed in critical but stable condition Friday. Quackenbush was on paid administrative leave.

Response to post #1: Back in 2006, I got the tip that Quack was a cop in Florida. With a little bit of snooping, I got confirmation. Quite a comedown for a guy who was angling for the California governorship. Yes, he probably got the job through connections, but since he took a $100,000 pay cut, he didn't get what a lot of defrocked politicos get. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #2: The account you give is consistent with what the Associated Press reported. Best, Don Bauder

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