Copley's Pulitzer Winner Leaving, Say Reliable Sources

Marcus Stern, the Washington, D.C. reporter for Copley News Service who broke the Pulitzer Prize-winning story on Duke Cunningham's corruption, is leaving Copley at the end of the year, according to several very knowledgeable inside sources. Also leaving is Gordon Smith, who covered Los Angeles. The L.A. bureau is reportedly closing. The Washington bureau will be under the thumb of the U-T. The Sacramento and Mexico bureaus will remain open.


Response to post #7: Thanks. I'll check post office inspectors Monday. I thought Fast had retired. Best, Don Bauder

What’s interesting about this Don is that so many are jumping off the U-T ship, and soon all that will be left soon is “Captain Queeg” Kittle with his deranged rant editorials that amount to torpedoes sinking the U-T ship. You might want to post a watch at The Reader in case the mutineers decide to lash Kittle to the masthead and aim him to ram The Reader because you are the only publication in San Diego left with integrity.

Response to post #1: I believe I saw somewhere that Kittle and blogger Chris Reed (sp?) will be on some kind of radio show tied to U-T -- probably radio accessible through the computer. So they are being pushed to the front, not sent to the back of the bus. Best, Don Bauder

Gad, adding Kittle’s U-T propaganda rants over the airwaves to the noise from Hedgecock (formerly known as San Diego’s most corrupt mayor in the good old days before Golding, Murphy and Sanders) and Limbaugh gives a whole new meaning to air pollution.

Hey Don, without you at the U/T, there's no one watching the local scams. Guess who's back? David Bendah. http://www.frostillustrated.com/full.php?sid=2065

Response to post # 3: I think Kittle is going over the streaming internet, not the airwaves per se. But I'm not sure of that. I have always wondered what tourists who read, watch and listen to local media think of the population. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #4: To those who don't remember, David Bendah promoted all manner of wild money-making schemes through the mails He was based in South County. He ran afoul of the law. I didn't know he was back. Tell me more. Best, Don Bauder

Here is David Bendah's 2012 SCAM!!


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Don, all I know is there is a rumor of a raid at David Bendah's 8th Street office in National City. David Fast, the local Postal Inspector may know more about the details.

I found this about David Bendah, a BBB warning... http://www.thelocalbbb.com/alerts/alerts.html?newsid=1035&newstype=1

Then I found a partial story about a raid on a Google seacrh. I can't find it today. I wonder if it could have been an old press release? Anyway, if the BBB is on to him, the Feds can't be far behind...

Keep up the good work!

Response to post #9: I will look into Bendah Monday. Best, Don Bauder

Don, I know The Reader does the best you can to make the right things happen by exposing the truth about the cultures of corruption and ineptitude that dominates both political parties. Your investigative reporting deserves a Pulitzer Prize more than anyone at the U-T and L.A. Times. The fact is that if a true leader like Thomas Jefferson published another Declaration of Independence to challenge our institutions to actions to restore American Democracy today, not enough Americans would take it seriously enough to demand actions to make the right things happen, so congress still hasn’t carried out the will of the people expressed in the last congressional election. The proof of our political decline and fall is that none of the republican and democratic candidates for president today is a true leader in a congress that is our worst failure in democracy since the Civil War. Meanwhile, the consequences of political corruption and ineptitude have created threats to our economic and social systems that threaten what is left of our democracy more than ever before. That’s why grass roots publications like The Reader must fill the void of integrity in the Fourth Estate today.


Response to post #11: There is no question that apathy is San Diego's worst enemy. In some respects, San Diego is a victim of its perennial sunshine. People are permanent tourists. They don't want any boats rocked. They are willing to let the pickpockets take them to the cleaners as long as nobody makes any noise about it. A similar phenomenon permeates the national scene. Best, Don Bauder

Nevertheless Don, the Reader generation is the demographic that must be focused to wake up and make the right things happen for their own future because too many apathetic generations preceded them. The consequence is that the younger generation is screwed worse than any since WWII by out of control current events dominated by corrupt and incompetent politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government, oil war deficits, corporations that export jobs and eliminate middle class opportunities as fast as they can, Fed screw-ups, criminal lending practices, conspicuous consumption as usual, and Wall Street doing what it always does, etc.


Response to post #13: I can't argue with what you say, but I see no signs that the younger generation is ready to shed its apathy and take its future in its hands. Best, Don Bauder

Watch out for that scam artist David Bendah, HEEEEE's BAAAAACK!!!!! The only way to get rich quick is to win the lottery or from having a rich person give it to you. Hey people also watch out for the TOGO BANK SCAM over the internet by email, it is from West Africa. It is a trip, the email will say URGENT and CONFIDENTIAL. Hard work is the only way for regular people like us so get to it!

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