Santos Coffee House

North Park coffee roaster is a hidden gem for self-sequestration and quiet work time.

There are coffee shops that buzz with the jittery excitement of the overcaffeinated, and there are coffee shops that provide a cozy, out of the way nook for anyone who needs peace, quiet, and a cup of joe. Santos Coffee House in North Park is definitely one of the latter. It occupies an otherwise quiet section between the busy hubs of North and South Park, which keeps it chill and provides an option for snacks and coffee in an otherwise residential bit of the neighborhood. More compact than some of the other, sprawling coffee shops in town, Santos’ design is chic without being cutesy, bohemian without being grungy.

They roast their own coffee right in South Park. And it’s tasty! Flavored coffees may offend the coffee snob out there, but for those of us in the 99% the occasional cup of chocolate macadamia nut (or whatever is being brewed) is a delight. Santos’ flavored coffee selection dwarfs other roasters’ offerings, which helps the hidden shop stand out.

There’s not a ton of food to eat, but a menu of $5 bagel sandwiches offers something to help fuel the coffee buzz. A few of the sandwiches use the combination of cream cheese/meat/veggies to create flavors that evoke mid-summer garden parties, as though a hostess will soon pass with a tray of tiny, crustless cucumber sandwiches. This too adds to Santos’ charm as a secret garden of sorts.

It might be fruitless to head to Santos in search of the lively coffeehouse culture of a place like Lestat’s, but beleaguered freelancers in search of a temporary office will revel in Santos’ chilled-out coziness and mugs of hot coffee to keep the creative juices flowing.

3191 Thorn Street
Open daily 6AM-7PM

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