It's a box! With waffles!

Box’d (430 Carlsbad Village Drive, 442-333-9071) is just that, a box. Actually, it’s more of a shipping crate, cut open and immobilized on a platform in downtown Carlsbad, filled with waffle irons and cash registers, and dedicated to selling waffles to go. The concept defines simplicity, which is no surprise since the owners are also behind Project Pie, the one-price, build-your-own pizza place in Hillcrest.

“Waffles to go” is an endearing concept, easy to love and hard to nay-say. Boxd’s waffle technique produces a shallow, crispy waffle with small-ish depressions. They’re more old-school than the oversized “Belgian” waffles that usually get served in family restaurants. I felt that they most resembled the waffles that came out of my grandmother’s waffle irons, which were heavy, cast-iron contraptions of 1960’s vintage. They’re not the chewy, yeasty, Liege waffles that are starting to pop up in tents and kiosks around town (I should really do a report about those sometime), which are a different confection entirely, but Boxd’s waffles do evoke the Euro charm of waffles whenever--breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Such waffles are great for holding toppings, and Boxd’s cooks will fold a waffle around bacon, egg, and cheese; pulled pork, goat cheese, roasted peppers, and basil; or nutella and bananas. Prices start at $4 for a plain waffle and go up to $6.50 for a savory creation filled with chicken and brie. It’s not expensive and that’s good, since it’s a waffle being cooked in a shipping crate a stone’s throw from the beach!

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