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Ra downtown: $3 sake and free sushi lessons

Ed finds Rogelio the sushi chef doesn't laugh at his, well, ignorance

WNL5: La Jolla’s Whisknladle celebrating a successful half-decade

It was 2008, but I remember it clearly, sharing a table with young restaurateur Arturo Kassel and discussing the origins of the name for his farm-to-table Whisknladle (1044 Wall Street, La Jolla). He explained it was the name of a New York supper society and how he wanted the same ...

Ocean Beach mini-donuts

The OB Farmers' Market contains wonderful, portable, miniaturized treats.

Downtown: Nose to the phos at Pho Xpress

It's the aroma, getting richer and richer...

MOGL cares for La Mirage

Locally-run loyalty program establishes a fundraising drive to help an ailing restaurant owner.

Eclipse falling on Fern Street

Local chocolatier seeping like molten morsels into South Park

Hillcrest: farewell Urban Eats, welcome Parma

More musical chairs at a challenging location

Shkoffing pizza Chicago style

Berkeley Pizza in the Gaslamp has the right crust.

Overseas Suds, Part 2: Italy

Cucina Urbana adds Italian craft beer to its repertoire

High expectations for Gang Kitchen

New, pan-Asian spot downtown set the bar high, delivered in some respects. Still has lots of potential.

Barrio Logan’s new star: Cocina Doña Tina

Can the new Mercado's restaurant compete with Cuatro Milpas?

Overseas Suds, Part 1: Japan

Brews Up and Ogawashi team up for Japanese craft beer tasting

Italian Street Food at Monello in Little Italy

A Menu Inspired by Milan

Win cash at Old Mill Cafe

North Park restaurant has a novel idea for generating customer loyalty.

Off Days are On Days: Sunday Brunch and Tapas Tuesdays at Starlite in Middletown

I never saw an episode of Cheers -- the show was before my time -- but I get the gist, as I've heard the theme song. It's a place where you can feel at home, where "everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came." With this in mind, ...

Buck-a-shuck for oysters at Spike Africa’s, downtown

New fish joint brings its own legend to Horton Plaza

25 Forty on Thursdays

The weekly special at this Old Town bistro is a hit.

El Vitral: “Window” joint open? Closed?

The place with 220 tequilas and awesome happy hour deals has a sign on the door...

Green Flash embarks on Hop Odyssey

Mira Mesa brewery to release six hop-forward beers in 2013

PubCakes mixing things up

Craft beer-infused dessert biz going in a new direction

Pacifica's iWine

My thoughts on wine lists delivered via iPad.

Bermuda Triangle! Revealed in Old Town Market Cafe...

"People get in the warp area, and weird things happen."

Phileas Foggs speaks proper English

Making a long-delayed return to Poway craft beer bar and resto

Dark Horse Coffee is open!

Normal Heights now has its very own super-small-batch coffee roaster

Stone Age in Middletown? Not So Fast food at 57 Degrees

This is not your great great great great great great grandpappy’s food. (But it’s maybe as near as we can get…)

Kamikaze 7 crashing into Gaslamp

Restaurateur/TV personality opening nightlife-driven downtown sushi spot

Boar burger fail

Burger Lounge's new burger (and its free burger offer) are non-delicious in Hillcrest.

Point Loma's coffee roaster

Red's has great decor, under-performing espresso machines.

The Counter: East Village's littlest burger?

The Counter has a deal of a meal…uh, might bring your microscope

McDesi at Kasi

New Indian spot in Hillcrest serves curry fast food style

Sea & Smoke flowing into Flower Hill

New restaurant from Urban Solace creator coming to Del Mar

Gaslamp: Dick’s cleaning up (its patio, not its act)

Dick’s Last Resort is a mess – so you’ll stay warm

Downtown's newest cocktail bar

Bailiwick enters the cocktail fray with some good drinks in a high-profile spot

The Prado at Night

There are exactly 200 restaurants participating in San Diego Restaurant Week this year. So far, I've only been able to make it to one: The Prado at Balboa Park. It wasn't until we were seated beside trees on the outdoor patio that it occurred to me I couldn't remember how ...

El Patio de Old Town: Hot soup on a cold night

Nothing better than a roaring fire, bubbling tortilla soup, and Old Town to yourself

This Burro blind, not dumb

The Blind Burro’s got some serious pre-game game

Scoops and stamps

Is it a cafe with a post office or a post office with a cafe?

Time Stands Still at Farmhouse Cafe

Farmhouse Cafe is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary with a celebratory four-course dinner that will be served for the first three days in February. It had been a number of years since I'd last eaten at the small, quaint French bistro in University Heights. When my friend Hannah tossed ...

Letting the beer outta the box

It’s not too late to get some highly coveted beer at The Lost Abbey

Chef Brian Malarkey judges ABC's <i>The Taste</i>

New cooking competition reality show premieres January 22nd, also stars Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, Anthony Bourdain.

Dogs for UH

Two of the best street foods join forces in one liquor store parking lot.

Fabrison's: crêpe lessons in the sky

Ray dishes on crêpe secrets from France

Another local anniversary ale

Karl Strauss hooks Philleas Foggs up with 5th anniversary brew

Bento and sandwich shop in Old Town is a just plain excellent idea

Oh, man, this is a great idea. Like, a really great idea. Bento and sandwiches living together as one. Two of the world’s great foods of convenience under one roof. It’s Bentowich and the only thing bad about it is the name. Well, OK, it also turned out poorly set ...

Downtown: Tivoli's brewski breakfast

Tivoli's best daytime meal deals include beer

Schuy's the limit for cookbook author

Local chef pens comprehensive guide to food, beer and craft brewing culture

No musubi?

Ocean Beach Hawaiian bar doesn't deliver on the island food, but the vibe's still cool.

Tent City, Coronado: Bring home the bacon!

Great bacon burger, but…...what's it gonna take to chow into a chunk of real bacon?

Long Line, Short Menu at Las Cuatro Milpas

I have "almost" gone to Las Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan on several occasions, always to be deterred by the long line out the door. I am not a patient woman. But after three people either mentioned it to me in person or posted pics of their "Las Milpas" (as ...

RB Inn's sign flashes "No (chef) Vacancy"

Rancho Bernardo Inn names chef for its upcoming restaurant


Downtown fish bar charges a premium price, but the fish is seafood is indeed fine.

Jing Si: East Village has good coffee, place to think

The Taiwan-based Buddhist bookstore has really vibes for daydreaming, or writing your thesis without pressure

Santee gets a brewer in Butcher's

Butcher’s Brewing takes over Manzanita Brewing’s original brewhouse

Sherman's Shack replaces Urban Chicken

Grant Hill loses a chicken house and gains a burger joint.

Currant's HH: Mussel deal makes a ripple

Happy hour at Currant is, uh, raisin' the bar...

Anniversary ales abound

Alpine Beer, Societe Brewing pay sudsy homage to O'Brien's Pub

Japanese in Hillcrest

One yakitori grill closes, another opens in its place.

Sushi Deli 2 downtown: If you could bottle their secret…

Is it a rock star? Is it an iPad 5 launch? Is it their soy sauce?

New Mexico Cafe: vuelve a la vida!

A visit to the ladies in Barrio Logan cures the bug

Beer's birthplaces vs. home sweet home

A post-European perspective on San Diego's beer scene

Cheapest steak in town?

North Park bar may just have the best deal on a steak dinner, but it's only one night a week.

First Look: ChuckAlek Independent Brewers

Sights and details from the debut of Ramona's first craft brewery

Prep Kitchen Little Italy: 2012 was a very good year...

Honors keep rolling in. My honor: best bread to soak up sops

Fresh wasabi at Ikiru

Japanese restaurant in Liberty Station has the hard to find condiment on the menu

Imbibe blares, "Blair's the man!"

Local craft beer champion named Imbibe Magazine's Beer Person of the Year

Sora on Broadway: Drink and ye shall eat

Free HH food as long as you buy full-fare drinkies

Luncheon at Pamplemousse Grille

The illustrious-sounding Pamplemousse Grille in Solana Beach is not cheap, but Chef/Owner Jeffrey Strauss does his best to assure that you get what you pay for. The service is outstanding, and it definitely feels like a high-end affair. I recently had the good fortune to be invited to a luncheon ...

Suds, second chances at The Local

Revisiting a previously black-listed downtown bar and restaurant

Kalina Village House

La Mesa Ukrainian restaurant boils and stews it all

Ida's Deli: Lebanese surprise in the giant black building

Ida's got a big following for her hot beef melts

Downtown Ue Kara: Sushi goes Mexican?

Everybody around here knows it: Arturo's take on sushi has Baja written all over it

Can it, BP!

Ballast Point to employ new look and packaging material in 2013

City Heights' Pupuseria

Few things are more satisfying to eat on a cool evening (or any evening) than this Salvadoran specialty — a great alternative to tacos!

Little Italy: The gastropub pioneers are back! (Think Ironside...)

The guys who gave you Craft & Commerce, Neighborhood, El Dorado, Underbelly, are landing again in LI

Chewing on Brick + Mortar

Checking out replacement to Gordon Ramsay's hellish disappointment

Chinese BBQ in City Heights

Ducks, chickens, and pigs all meet a savory, crispy, soy sauce-drenched end.

Feast's top-dozen posts of 2012

Most popular Feast entries of the past year

Ceviche jackpot

Tijuana restaurant is totally worth the wait in the linea

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