Bread Canyon turns up the heat

An update on the "bread CSA" that I found out about last year.

I don’t know if anybody remembers, but I was clued in to a secret sourdough bread baking operation last fall and I promised to keep tabs on it. When I first found out about the “bread CSA,” it was in its infancy. Kyla, who bakes the bread, didn’t have her own equipment and she shared oven space with El Take it Easy. I liked the concept, but I was up in the air on whether it would be durable enough to last.

About the end of last year, I learned that Kyla had gotten her own oven, the acquisition of which boosted her efficiency and capacity for baking. I was ready to get excited and spill the beans. It turns out that Kyla’s a little bit of a jet-setter, however, and she blasted off to France for a little while. She came back for about a week and then, don’t you know it, off on another trip. Her last email update assures that she’s back in town for the foreseeable future and that the bread program is up and running full speed.

She’s been fussing with the program, trying to get the baking days to be most convenient, and she’s implemented a “subscription” service for people who want to place a standing order for breads. This week, she had some apple and calvados breads for $2, one with polenta and figs ($5), and the regular country-style sourdough for $4.

Without further ado, her website is Bread Canyon and it has all the information to contact her. I think there’s a lot of Old World charm in having bread baked and delivered by a girl on a bicycle (if you live in the right area). This definitely isn't for everyone, but the people who are into it are going to absolutely love it.

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