The Original Pancake House: San Diego

I visited my first Original Pancake House in Portland, Oregon, which is actually the home of the very first Original Pancake House, founded in 1953. Now there are over one hundred franchises from coast to coast. This is where I learned to love coconut pancakes, which, to my dismay, were removed from the San Diego menu years ago but still appear on their website menu. But I digress.

San Diego's Original Pancake House is one of the best spots in town for a quality breakfast. They are known for their Apple Pancake ($11.25), a single large pancake smothered with sautéed apples and cinnamon sugar, and Dutch Baby ($9.95), an air filled pancake oven baked and served with lemon, whipped butter and powdered sugar (pictured below). These offer sweet beginnings to your day.

I often order their Plain Waffle ($6.95), served with whipped butter and hot syrup. Then I order Bacon and Eggs ($9.25), thick sliced bacon and two large eggs, which I order scrambled. I put the eggs on top of the waffle and don't use the butter and syrup.

My husband often orders Buttermilk Pancakes, Eggs Sunny Side Up, American Fried Potatoes and Sausage.

You get the idea: quality ingredients, great service and best to go on a week day if possible, to avoid the long wait for a table on weekends. Obviously other people know what I know. They are open 7 a.m.-- 3 p.m. daily and their Boyds coffee, a special blend made just for them, just keeps on coming.

From October through December check out the Fall Pumpkin Pancakes, a seasonal favorite.

The Original Pancake House 3906 Convoy Street San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 565-1740

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The Original Pancake House is a very good breakfest house, but they are VERY PRICEY. They are over priced by at least 30%, and in soem cases 50%, but the KM location has always done well.

The Poway location has an idiot running it and I know that location is below average, and always will be.

The prices that the reviewer quotes are very steep. I remember that KM Original Pancake House when it opened circa 1980. It was good, but even then the prices were high. We have one of those here in Vista, just south of the court house. I've gone in there a few times, and they do have occasional coupon deals. Even with the coupons, it ain't cheap.

But our female reviewer reports that she orders a waffle and then adds bacon and eggs to it. Total cost is about $17. FOR BREAKFAST? What I don't see there is when the bacon and eggs are ordered that they probably provide fried potatoes and some sort of toast, biscuit, bagel or pastry.

Sally, if she actually eats all that stuff, must be putting down around 2000 calories from one plate. Oh, I forgot, she eschews the butter and syrup. But what about the extras that came with the bacon and eggs?

Is Sally actually the avatar name for a construction laborer? Most women I know would not dream of trying to eat that much in one day, let alone in a single sitting.

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