Mission Hills' mini coffee spot

On principle, I’m a fan of being able to get coffee outside. It makes a lot of sense to avoid going into a building to get something that’s perfectly suited for on-the-go consumption. Why, when it’s a beautiful day, go in when you could stay out?

I pass by the Meshuggah Shack on the regular, as it’s on the corridor for bicycle travel heading towards La Jolla. It’s hard not to stop and grab a shot of espresso for the road. The green kiosk is right at the corner of Goldfinch and Fort Stockton. Motorists will be happy to hear that the business just succeeded in getting the curb out front painted green for 15 minute parking.

Yiddish speakers will be familiar with the word for for “crazy” in the shack’s name...and death metal fans will mistakenly wonder why name a coffee klatch after a metal act? The Shack’s been done up in bits and pieces of conventional wisdom (Jewish and otherwise), my favorite of which is the “no kvetching” sign. English owes some truly awe-inspiring words to Yiddish roots, “schlep” is just about the best way to imply burdensome carrying, and it’s a pity that “kvetch” doesn’t get more usage.

Because, seriously, quit kvetching and have some coffee. It’s a beautiful day!

Maybe try the serpent-themed mocha at the Shack that’s been laced with Sriracha. It’s easy to make a case for Rooster Sauce as the greatest hot sauce in the world and throwing it into a cup of coffee is a rad way to say “wake up.”

Meshuggah Shack has WiFi, as far as I know, so sitting and messing around on the interwebs is a possibility. But a little conversation never hurt anyone and John (the owner) is expert in all things coffee talk and more entertaining than YouTube cat videos on any given day.

4048 Goldfinch Street
Monday 7-12
Tu-Sun 7-Sunset

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