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There's been a little commentary on Feast! blogs that people would prefer to see local businesses over big, national places. That is sort of a double-edge sword, folks. At the end of the day, the industry is the industry and places like Costco aren't going anywhere. It's maybe better for our local scene to patronize the local shops, but being informed about all the options is in diners' best interests, so everybody should enjoy reading about Costco just as much as about the little guy.

On that note: Daddy's Hot Dogs (1281 University Avenue) is pretty much anti-Costco, at least in appearance. It's a legitimate family affair. The picture of the guy on the website with his kids? That's William and he grilled my hot dog himself.

The atmosphere is very casual, just read the sign that explains why, in no uncertain terms, why Daddy's Dogs doesn't have any kind of strict "business hours."

The narrow selection of beef hot dogs is the menu, as well as a soda fountain and a few bags of chips.

And the dogs themselves? Quite scrumptious. The "Chicago Dog" was a great iteration of a personal favorite. With the pickle spear, tomatoes, pepperoncini, and generous sprinkling of celery salt, it was spot on. A "Manhattan" with onions, mustard, and kraut was...well, frankly, it was ordinarily perfect, which is a way of saying that it was the kind of hot dog that lives in my mind and represents hot dogs as we know them.

Anyways, Daddy's is super cheap and open late on weekends for anyone who wants to grab a dog after going out. Also, it's got indie status, so at the end of the day the money's going to stay in the neighborhood instead of padding a corporate account somewhere.

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thank you :) you're right... the big, national chains aren't going anywhere, but there are plenty of other blogs covering them. When I come to, I want to read about san diego content, like this.

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