Last Minute Luxury: Truffle Dinner at Jsix

Like a mid-twentieth century toaster, the pop-up restaurant trend is ejecting another special one-night-only event. This time, it's the product of">Cooks Confab.">Earlier this week, I made mention of their Super Bowl Sunday fundraiser.

While that event is for a great cause (as well as the chance for one of the chefs to win a trip to Napa), this one is, like Confab events in the very beginning of the cheffing club's existence, all about product. Namely, truffles.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, January 12, Confab chefs Andrew Spurgin (Campine Catering) and Trey Foshee (George's California Modern) will gather at">Jsix, the home turf of their comrade, Christian Graves, to celebrate this ingredient in all its black and white glory.

Dishes that will be served at this seated affair include truffled eggs with caviar, diver scallops with lobster hollandaise sauce, truffle and foie gras-stuffed quail (YUM!), a truffled honey cheese course and truffles of the chocolate variety from Jack Fisher Confections.

The meal will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. and the cost per person is $150. Expensive, yes, but we are talking about truffles. Jsix is located inside Hotel Solamar at 616 J Street downtown. Reservations can be made by calling (619) 531-8744.

Pictured: Andrew Spurgin


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