All Pro Chefs Heat Up Super Bowl Sunday

So, you say you love food more than anything. Even more than the biggest annual sporting event in the country? Come February 5th, fans of food and football will have some difficult decisions to make when">Cooks Confab, an alliance of some of San Diego’s most popular chefs, hold a high stakes competition of their own at Scripps Seaside Forum.

This throw-down is part of Heart di Vite, a fundraiser benefitting the UCSD Center for Biological Sciences that will feature special dishes from Confab members and wines from several biodynamic winemakers hailing from Napa Valley.

While there will be plenty to eat and drink, the main focus of the event is educating attendees on environmental threats to California’s wine country, farmlands and waterways. Proceeds from the event will go toward environmental scholarships for those aspiring to mitigate those negative forces.

The Confab is well known for backing good causes and raising awareness about issues that are important to them. This time around, there will be an extra reward for pitching in. Like a QB tossing up a Hail Mary, participating chefs will put up dishes incorporating good flavor, creative design and utilization of sustainability principles for the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Napa Valley. Let’s just hope there’s no Tebow-ing (there or in Indianapolis).

Heart de Vite will take place starting at 4 p.m. For tickets or more information,">click here. Scripps Seaside Forum is located at 8610 Kennel Way in La Jolla.


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