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Since recently becoming a pescatarian (after being a vegetarian for 13 years), the Pacific Beach Fish Shop has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants. It's the fish sandwiches, I cannot believe how good they are.


The way the menu works is kind of like Blue Water: you choose the fish, the marinade and the form you want your meal to take - taco, sandwich, salad or plate. Based on these variables, the prices range from $3.50 for a Red Snapper Taco to $23.00 for a Diver Scallops Plate.


The 4 cheapest sandwich choices are $7.50. Of those, my selection today was the Salmon Sandwich on white bread with the lemon butter marinade. The fish was perfectly cooked, as usual, and the bread was toasted a little extra at my request. The secret is in the flavor of the marinade and the texture of the fish, both outstanding.


I also had a Ballast Point Yellow Tail Pale Ale with my meal, which went together splendidly, flavor-wise and buzz-wise. I'm not much of a beer guy, but I make exceptions for the local world-beer-champs Ballast Point, which is well-stocked at The Fish Shop.


The TVs usually have sports on them, and the vibe is casual - I mean it's cas'. This is a dog-friendly restaurant and during my 23 minute stay, I counted 5 well-behaved furry friends. Although this restaurant is still pretty new, it has developed a steady following in the area. But it is far enough east on Garnet Avenue that it is away from prime-time PB cruising spots, so there isn't any off-the-street drunken party-customers, who often flood the Mexican taquerias of PB on the weekends. People don't go to the Pacific Beach Fish Shop by accident.

Parking Lot - free

Open daily 10AM - 11PM

1775 Garnet Ave. (corner of Garnet & Kendall)

(858) 48 FISH N (858-483-4746)


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