Tour de Cheesesteak: stage 9

Nearing the end, the Tour heads north for a good sandwich, under the wire

Responding to the umpteen different assertions that I had to go there, I rolled in to Philly Frank’s in San Marcos at about thirty seconds to closing time with my sheepish request for a sandwich before they kicked me out. Rather than attitude, I got warm, friendly service and the assurance that I could stay as long as I wanted. A little “brotherly love,” if you will. Frank’s is definitely in the “Yay for Philly” camp, with Eagles posters and Liberty Bells all over the place, which is starting to look normal to me at this point in the Tour. Polaroids of happy customers partly cover the walls, I gather that vacationing Philadelphians and other East Coasters have found solace in a big, cheesy steak sandwich over the years.">" alt="None">

by Ian Pike

Frank’s cheesesteaks definitely pass the requirement for size. I had to take half of mine home, it was so marvelously crammed with steak. “The Works” sub came with hot peppers, mushrooms, onions, and cheese on an Amoroso roll, which could have been fresher. For the first time since">Gaglione’s, the sandwich had some real heat to it, a fact accentuated by the tray of pepperoncini and sliced pickles that I munched the whole time. The quality of the steak was good enough that Frank’s would be fighting for a podium spot (if this was a contest).">" alt="None">

by Ian Pike">" alt="None">

by Ian Pike

For anyone in the latitudes between Solana Beach and Oceanside, Frank’s is a no-brainer. In all fairness, you’d have to be a sincere devotee of the cheesesteak to make the trip north from San Diego to visit. But, if any of the 22 Reasons to Tell You Are From Philadelphia, YO (sincerely">listed and numbered on Frank’s website) apply to you, it would be worth a pilgrimage.

151 South Rancho Santa Fe Road
M-Th 10-8
F 10-9
Sat 11-9
Sun 11-8


Glad you liked it. I still would love to hear your thoughts on the chain Jersey Mike's and try their Big Kahuna. I realize one cannot do it all but you can always add onto this in the future and create the definitive SD cheesesteak reference. Good job! Cheers.

Thanks, Gekko. The main concern now is wondering when my objectivity will wane due to cheesesteak overload :D

I sit here jealous. Can there be too many cheesesteaks? LOL.

Awesome job. And miraculous that you can still look another cheesesteak in the, uh, sandwich face. Now on to cheesecake? Seriously, cheesesteaks are in that select group up with the food gods - burgers, pizzas, burritos, cup cakes, chocolate cakes, ice creams, coffees. I've seen daggers drawn at dawn over every one of these. People can get more exercised than over say, wine, beer, love life, elections...

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