Stop the Presses! TJ Draft-Craft-Beer Revolution Coming This Friday

Just heard: Opening Friday for the first time in TJ, place with 30 craft beers on tap, including plenty from San Diego and elsewhere in Alta California.

But what’s really cool is that a whole bunch is from the burgeoning craft beer movement in Baja. Including, hopefully, Rámuri (see “Black Tears” below).

All this according to Baja Craft Beers, the distributor group who are launching the business.

They’re opening their first Tasting Room come Friday (August 10th) at 3003-E5 Orizaba, off Agua Caliente Boulevard, in Tijuana’s Neidhart district (“fraccionamiento”).

The place they’ve taken over used to be "El Origen," a wine bar and eatery.

The BCB Tasting Room will feature beer keg lamps and, they say, “a rustic modern style reminiscent of a garage.”

What interests me: Word is they’ll also be selling lots of snacks and appetizers to go with the beers. Tapas, TJ-style.

That’ll be worth trying.

What time are they actually opening on Friday? Not sure, but turn up early evening, and you can’t go wrong.

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