Town’s Unfriendliest Patio?

The patio guard rail reminds you of the old bumper sticker: “Welcome to California. Now Go Home.”

This arty rusty Stalag-13-style “fence” looks like it’s made to keep people in, rather than keep the rest of us out.

Actually it’s a patio for the customers of this office workspace rental facility.

And actually it sounds a pretty good deal for freelancers, like $8 an hour, all facilities, no big contracts.

But come on, folks, is the rest of the world so dangerous? It’s bad enough the city makes you put iron railings around any outside seating where wine or beer is served, but this nasty, pitbull-flavored fence is ridiculous.

I guess it’s probably because homeless people used to bed down here for the night before these new guys took over.

Uh, overreaction, anyone? Or am I the overreactor? It's even quite arty, interesting. But is it art when it's in the service of paranoia?

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What does this have to do with food??

Zedagive: it's a patio where you can snack and drink coffee if you're a customer. But mainly it just struck me as the street-side eating area with the most "Back-off!" message to the public I've seen in a long time.

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