Mommy Makes Cakey-Pops

This enterpreneurial business started with a mom's broken pieces of cake. Maria Roldan realized she could tuck them atop lolliipop sticks and encase them in a hard sugar/chocolate glaze. Voila: Cakey Pops, which you'll now find at various local farmer's markets or buy online for yourself or en masse for a catering dessert.

As someone who emphatically prefers light, not-too-sweet desserts...well, Cakey Pops are the opposite. But a lot of people prefer heavy and sweet. So: The choices include chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, green tea, Meyer Lemon. (This last I found abominably sweet, but I sorta liked the Red Velvet and the Green Tea.)

The texture isn't cakey, but fudgey. The hard coating (white or dark chocolate) is sugary to the max. But the ingredients are all pretty wholesome, so it's a matter of taste.

The company website is http://www.cakeypops.com/">http://www.cakeypops.com/. They'll also deliver locally for a catering job (say, your kid's huge birthday party) or ship the confections.


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