Antique Cars, Old-School Adobada

Reporting from the Far East, here: E. Main in El Cajon.

Tonight (Wednesday) is Antique Car Nite, aka the Cajon Classic Cruise, from 5 to 8 p.m. The danged thing keeps you coming back. Maybe it’s because I’m a car-free freak, but I love these nights.

Tonight it's all about "Mustang Evolution." Feels like 5000 Cajonians turned up -- half of them kids, the other half feeling like they still are.

And right here at the downtown park there’s a family who owns this new Mexican place, El Mariachi (165 E. Main Street, between Magnolia and Orange, 619-588-2191) who bring it out onto the street with their traditional tower of roasting adobada pork that you can’t walk past without getting a sniff.

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Alfonso and Maria Ceja's kids man the street spit: Yesemia, Daniel, Isabel

The adobada (al pastor) tacos are $1. Or they have carne asada or pollo asada. In corn tortillas.

My fave: al pastor, every time. They have the pineapple skewered on the top and a big onion at bottom of the spit, both roasting away with the adobada/pastor pork to give it that beautiful sweet-savory flavor. To wash it down, they have sodas sitting out in ice.

Alfonso and Maria Ceja say they’ve been open just a couple of months, and this was one of their best ideas, to bring it out onto the street Wednesdays (car night) and Fridays ("Concert on the Green" night).

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Yesemia, Alfonso, Daniel, Isabel, Maria

They have live bands in the street as well tonight. It’s the biggest weekly old-car show in Southern California. (Also, seems you can enter your car for the weekly contest. Must by 1979 or older.) And Alfonso and family are right in the middle of the action.

Alfonso, al fresco!


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