A World of Malarkey Coming Atcha!

Local-celeb chef Brian Malarkey and nightclub-entrepeneur partner James Brennan (Stingaree, etc.) are planning to take over the U.S. The time is right, says Brennan: across the U.S., restaurant rents are cheapening in light of the soggy economy (except in Hillcrest, evidently).

Their Searsucker is doing great, and their new, giant Burlap in Del Mar is doing better. (Well, of course, mes infants: Del Mar is where the real money is!) The next branch will be called Herringbone and will open in the huge, empty space on Herschel Avenue in La Jolla. (If memory serves, that may have been Jack's La Jolla once upon a time.)

After that, the world! Or at least the western U.S.: Silicon Valley, Phoenix, Orange County. More than Rubios! More than the Cohns! A whole world of Malarkey is coming our way, every way we look! (Well, that's a little more glam than "Cohn World" or "El Mundo del Pescado Frito.")

It's going to be called Herringbone because the aim of the co-owners and the name of their concept is "the Fabric of Social Dining," which is why they're all named for cloths. Meaning, comfortable lounges, good drinks, hanging out — eating food is semi-optional. It's the way things are now.


Naomi - Jack's was at the corner of Girard and Wall, and is definitely not the space being occupied by Herringbone.

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